Winter Care for Your Beautiful Hair

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With the arrival of the cold season, our hair needs special care, considering factors such as frost, rain or wind which might affect its health, and then this leads to hair loss. In the following lines we will teach you what to do in order to keep a healthy hair all winter long.

What you should do is to strictly follow the “beauty” ritual: do not skip conditioner or a weekly mask, use oil on the hair peaks, and always use products that match your hair type. In winter, use hydrating elements, more than usual, because the cold weather, as you know, dries your hair, and turns your beautiful hair in a dull hair.


Shampooing your hair with regularity leaves it in a good condition, clean, shiny and easy to fix. When applying the shampoo through the hair and massage the scalp, detergent molecules surround the hair sebum.

Grease and dirt are removed from hair by the foam created. Rinse your hair and with it lose all the grease and dirt.

Balsam – Conditioner

After shampooing, hair is clean but sometimes it is confusing and hard to comb. When it dries, the hair can be difficult to arrange because it is charged with static electricity.

Hair conditioners have been designed precisely to fix these problems. You can apply them even after shampooing and rinsing. A conditioner is based on water and ingredients called “quats”. They are positively charged and adhere to hair, which becomes smooth and velvety. Ordinary conditioner acts on the outer cuticle of each hair tress.

It would be a good idea to spend some extra money on hair care products in winter. We tried the L’Oreal Professional products and the result is impressive. The full set of shampoo, conditioner and mask is around 65$ at

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