Common Makeup Stains and How to Remove Them

It’s only a matter of time that you end up experiencing stains on your favorite clothes. Some of the culprits may be your favorite dish or your favorite makeup. Instead of getting frustrated about the mess, read this quick guide on how to safely remove the makeup stain.

General Guide on Removing Makeup Stains

Some of us cannot notice the makeup marks on our favorite clothes whenever we are in a rush. If you notice a splotch of cosmetics on your fabric after you took off your clothes, do not panic. Here’s how you should deal with it:

1.   Remove Excess Stain. 

Scrape off the makeup or cosmetic stain with a dull knife or spoon. Gently do it to avoid rubbing the stain particles into the fabric. After completely removing the excess stain from the garment, rinse it under running water. It is best to have a high water pressure to easily remove the remaining stain.

But, if you plan to do your laundry at the laundry shop near you in Manhattan, do not rinse it under running water. You only have to remove the excess stain.

2.   Pre-Treat the Stained Area.

You can pour a stain remover product or use a natural stain remover ingredient on the affected area. Ensure that you have covered all the stains. Gently dab to blot the stain. Let the stain remover sit for five minutes.

3.   Wash With the Right Amount of Detergent.

Wash your clothes with the right amount of detergent. Too much detergent will only lead to more damages. Put the load on the usual wash cycle. Do not forget to check the care label. If the stains persist after washing, you can repeat the previous steps or bring your clothes to a laundry expert.

On-the-Go Method of Removing Makeup Stains

You have no time to run to the nearest laundromat, but you want to get rid of the makeup stain from your blouse? Luckily, there are two tried-and-proven DIY methods for removing makeup stains without washing.

Use Hair Spray

If you have a hair spray with a high alcohol content level, that will remove the stains! Spray it on the stained area and let the hair spray harden into the fabric. After it hardens, use a clean paper towel, dampen it with cold water.

Dab the clean paper towel on the stained area to blot and remove the makeup stain along with the hair spray. You can repeat the steps until the makeup stain is removed.

Rub an Ice Cube

Immediately scrape the stain from the fabric with a knife or spoon. Get an ice cube and press it onto the stained area and rub it in circular motions.

Keep rubbing the ice cube gently until the makeup has been completely lifted from the fabric. Once the stain is lifted, blot and dry the stained area with a clean paper towel. It will remove most of the makeup stain. If you notice that there’s still a visible stain, repeat the process.

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