20 Easy Prom Hairstyles in 2017

The prom is yet to come and you don’t know how to do your hair? It’s simple, isn’t it? But sometimes it seems like you are unsure what hairstyle to choose for this great event.

These attractive prom hairstyles are like a magic stick for you to shine. Go on, take a look at them:

Plaits Hairstyle

It goes without saying that the trendiest details in 2017 are plaits. If you just add a single one, it will make you look just fantastic. Greek style is on top of fashion s season.

  • To do a hairstyle like that first you need to make waves with a help of hair flat iron.
  • Then you need to braid a single plait on the top of your head to the right.
  • When you finish, take the hair waves at the back of your head and put them one by one making a node with the end of the plait.
  • Insert flowers, ribbons or wreath into the hair.
  • Finish using a few clicks on the hairspray right into your hairstyle.

French Braids and Asymmetrical Haircut Will Make You Look Fresh and Extraordinary

This braided hairstyle will suit you if you have a short hair and are not afraid of experiments with your hairstyle. All you need to have the hairstyle like this begins with going to the barber’s shop and ask them to cut your hair asymmetrically. Blunt bob suits not to everyone, so be careful and better consult with your stylist. After the haircut is done, make two or three French braids to the left opposite to the longest part of your hair.


How to Make French Braids

All you need to do is to make a little version of the braid in the scheme.

Stylish Ponytail Will Make You Look Gorgeous Accompanied With Stunning Earring to the Down.

  • Curl your hair at the ends making few waves with a curling.
  • Updo your hair at the top from the forehead.
  • Take a strand of hair and tie a ponytail.
  • Use hairspray.

Perfect Straight Hairstyle

If you already have waves and curls, you might dream of your hair being straight. A softening shampoo guarantees your hair able to undergo further straightening measures. Again, a hair flat iron will assist you the most in this case.

Braids and 5-Strand Plait

To begin with, you’ll need to curl a strand at the top of your hair rotating it to the right.

Then you’ll have to put it into the beginning of the plait, like on the scheme:

Waves to the Sides in Vintage Style Will Add a Bit of Mystery to Your Image

Just curl the few strands of your hair to the sides and divide hair asymmetrically. You may use a hairdryer or hair flat iron for that.

Waves and French Braids

  • Follow the instruction on the scheme near prom hairstyle 2.
  • Tick of the end of the French braid and tie it with a bobby pin.
  • Wave your hair at the sides.

Braided Hair and a Plait

This hairstyle is for those girls with long hair. It might seem difficult to do the hair this way, but it’s really not.

Take these steps:

  • Make a plait from left to the right leaving some strands near your face.
  • Braid your hair strands one into one from the back of your head in the direction to the plait and hide their ends inside.
  • Curl the hair near the face and finish with using a hairspray.

Plait and Bouffant Look Quite Harmonically Together

Firstly, you’ll have to repeat the previous step concerning the making of a plait. The rest amount of your time will be spent on creating a bouffant hairstyle at the back of your head. It’s easy when you use a hairdryer with your hair wet. Leave some strands waved near your face at the end.

Bouffant and Curls Perfectly Complete the Style

In combination with make-up, your classmates will not be able to take their eyes from you.

How to do hair like that:

  • Take a strand of hair at your forehead and brush it to the back, doing it up. Fix the bouffant with a pin and hairspray.
  • Curl your hair till the middle of its length and use the hairspray again.

Braided Bun and Wreath Are Quite Fashionable Elements of 2017 Prom Hairstyle

-Take a strand of hair at the bottom and keep turning it making a curled bun. Put a pin to set the bun on the back of your head.

– Curl a strand near your face at the side.

-Add a wreath above the bun.


Braids and Flowers Will Make You Look Sweet and Romantic

  • Make a plait from the left to the right and pin it.
  • Use your imagination and braid the strands at the back of your head the way you wish according to your taste.
  • Add flowers into the plait and braids.


French Braids and a Ponytail Are Considered to Be Extraordinary This Season

To make them you should:

  • Repeat the instruction attached to hairstyle 2 of this list.
  • Create a ponytail up and tie it with your hair strand.

Updo Your Bun and Be Unique at Your Prom

Who said that bun is not popular now? If you like it, then it is:

  • Brush your hair up, producing a little bouffant at the top. Tie your hair.
  • Take the hair of the ponytail and braid it a strand into a strand. Don’t forget to use the hairspray since the bun is rather heavy if you have a long hair.
  • Leave some strand hanging.

Vintage Waves for the Short Hair to the Side Are Suitable for Fans of Precious Things

  • Divide your hair to the side asymmetrically.
  • Take a strand at the top and curl it with a warm curling. Do the same with other strands.
  • Use your fingers to settle the curls the way you want it and put some hairspray.

See? Isn’t that simple?

Massive Plait and Braids Will Suit Those Girls Who Have a Long Heavy Hair

  • Take four strands of hair and braid them turning inside. Make a tie out of their ends.
  • Use the end of these strands putting it into the beginning of a plait with a big part of your hair at the back.
  • Take three small scrunchies and tie two of the parts of the plait one by one, so that each will be tied secretly.

Messy Stylish Hair in Combination With Beautiful Make-Up and Decorations Will Make Your Prom Day

  • Put some water on your hair and use your hand to style it the way you see it. Even if you have a straight hair, still you can create some waves.
  • Add some hairspray.


Greek Hairstyle

Here is one more detailed example of Greek hairstyle, which is on the edge of glory now for medium hair:

Soft Waves to the Side

Are for those misses who appreciate purity and glamour. Follow this guide to do it:

Braided Hair and Curls to the Side With Flowers

They will leave the male part of your school audience drop their jaws:

  • Brush your hair to the left and curl its ends.
  • Braid some strands of your hair at the left one into one tying them. Pin them.
  • Attach a wreath or flowers to the top of the braids.

We’re sure you’ll be a Queen of Beauty at your prom. Wish you to step into the other level of your maturity with faith. Never give up in such a wonderful life because it’s just beginning.


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