5 Safety Tips You Can Follow When You Visit a Hair Salon During COVID-19

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With the second wave of the rising pandemic, you have to think twice before going out, and then you also contemplate if it’s really important to go out. There are some things you can take care of while staying at your house, but sometimes you really need to head out. One of those things can be visiting a hair salon. There is only so much you can do with your hair at home, but when you surely need a haircut or a treatment, it is time to go out.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry because there are some health and safety procedures you can follow before you visit the salon and know that you are going to a safe place.

Call Before You Go the Salon to Learn About Their Environment:

Before you book an appointment at the hair salon that you haven’t visited in a long time, one thing you can do is give them a call to see if they are open. Then you can ask them any changed policy or safety measures that they are taking to keep the environment safe for their clients as well as their workers.

Some of the salons have a strict policy of face masks at all times, use of sanitizers, fewer working hours, and no walk-ins or snacks from outside. These are the precautions that are made necessary for the client’s safety.

Communicate With Your Hair Stylist Before Going for the Appointment:

One more safety tip that will help you and your hairdresser stay safe is by contacting and communicating with them beforehand on the services you want to properly guide you through the process and time your treatment will take.

They will let you know how clean and hygienic their environment and tools are to help their customers have a safe time while they are visiting and getting pampered.

Entering the Salon:

Hair salons like Tony Shamas are taking serious health measures to protect their customers from getting infected through the virus. The salon does the screening before you enter and spray disinfectant and sanitizer to their clients. Also, you are in a position to talk through a safe distance to the receptionist.

You are also asked to throw any disposable coffee or tea cups before entering and are asked to wear or given face masks and gloves to keep you safe during your stay.

Seating With Social Distance:

Due to the pandemic, some salons have the rule of only appointments allowed for their safety and the clients. If this is the situation with you, then you are in better hands and staying safe from a crowded environment. It is impossible for the hairdresser to remain at a distance, so they take proper precautions to do their work.

You will be seated at two meters of safe distance from the other clients if there are more at that time.

Getting Your Hair Done:

You must wear the face mask at all times during the stay, so keep that on, and for further precaution, you can also wear your gloves. Plus, if you are worried about salon safety, you don’t have to because they have to follow the rules of clean workstations and treatment areas after every use and appointment.

The disposable items are discarded, and all the tools are soaked in the disinfectant after each appointment. All the areas that the previous client came in contact with should be clean before another to have a safe visit.


Don’t leave your house without knowing where you are going and how many things you will come in contact with. Wear your masks, use a sanitizer, and go prepared for your hair services to keep yourself and everyone safe around you during COVID-19.

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