How to Rock the No-Makeup Look? the Complete Tutorial, Lesson #4, Will Amaze You!

Are you also from those to whom going out without makeup is a frightening thought?

Then you must scroll down this page to get the formula to rock without wearing the makeup.

Let’s start!

Did you ever ask yourself what the primary thing that makeup does for you is?

The answer is to give an awakening and non-bulging look.

 But, do you know that you can also shine without makeup as well.

Lesson 1: Sleep to Calm Your Self!

Early to rising and early to bed.

Every one of you has heard of this saying during your school time. Teacher and parents always tell us to do to this to make us active and responsible.

But not only for our living but also for our skin, this rhyme is very beneficial.

 Some of the scientific studies also affirmed that vibrant skin tone, Intrinsic ageing, skin barrier function and attractiveness are significantly affected by sleep deprivation

A sleep-deprived face always found to be with swollen eyelids, dark circles, dullness and tiredness. 

According to the national sleep foundation, “seven to nine hours of sleep every night is necessary for healthy skin”

Therefore, start following this pattern and take a step towards getting beautiful natural skin.

What Other Thing Drives You to Put Makeup On?

The respond might that for brighten, even and toned face.

But, you can also get this without putting that gruesome makeup.

You can get such look by adopting some healthy habits, let’s explore these all.

Lesson 2: Quench the Thirst of Your Skin!

Do you know? Water is not only good for the body; it is equally useful for our skin.

As per the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, “having more than 2 L of water per day exerts considerable impact on skin physiology”

The cutaneous water content plays a significant role in making skin satin-soft, supple, smooth, flexible, radiant, healthy and youthful.

Well-hydrated skin reflects the health of the skin. Do you know why?

scientific study thoroughly explains the reason behind this.

And proper hydration improves the light penetration deep into the skin, ensuring more sub-surface scattering and light absorption, thereby cause radiant and brighter skin appearance.

Lesson 3: Eat Skin-Friendly Foods!


 you have heard this quote many a time in your life. This quote also goes well for our skin.

There are some skin-friendly foods which are very important to grab to get a rejuvenated, even and youthful skin.

Because these foods dispense great nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, flavonoids, tocopherols, carotenoids, minerals, and healthy carbs, these altogether fight against reactive oxygen species (responsible for skin ageing and hyperpigmentation), dehydration and dullness.

Therefore, you should keep such food items in your kitchen.These foods are

Lesson 4: Skin Care Routine

To get a makeup-less natural skin with radiant, brighter and toned complexion, following a proper skincare routine is very important.

This routine protects us from harmful environmental dangers like UV radiations and pollutants, recovers skin barrier system, moisturizes, hydrates, and reduces the photoaging symptoms. 

Therefore, empower your wardrobe with these skincare products to proceeds on the path of getting the no-makeup look.


This is the best skin care product that protects hour skin from harmful UV rays.

But do you know what type of sunscreens are best?

The sunscreens embedded with SPF, PA factor and antioxidants are the best to use.

The SPF between range 30 to 50 is best and provides long-lasting protection against sun rays and urban pollution PM2.5.


Serums are one of the best invention done in the field of dermatology.

But why? Do you know?

Serums are light to use and penetrate deep into the skin to dispense its effects, especially the vitamin C serum are the best in the scenario where skin needs to rejuvenate itself from hyperpigmentation, free radical damage, and dryness.

Serums enrich with vitamin C deliver an adequate amount of this vitamin C. Further, with the help of astonishing properties of vitamin C, serum counters all above said problems. Scientific studies also recommend vitamin C to counter facial skin problems. Therefore, must include this product in your daily skincare routine to revive your damaged skin cells.

Moisturization Is Must!

A skincare routine is not completed without a good, gentle moisturizer. Moisturizers are the essential skincare products to dispense proper moisturization into the skin.

Go for moisturizers which are gentle, non-toxic, don’t contain harsh chemicals and contains good SPF number.

Cleanse and Tone Regularly!

These lotions help to get rid of all-day grime, dirt and excessive oil from the face. So don’t forget to buy it.

On the other hand, toners help to hydrate and tone the skin, and with its help, your skin looks refreshing without even applying makeup. So, must include this.

Lesson 5: Go for Home Remedies, They Are the Best to Correct Imperfections!

Home remedies have their place in the skincare regimen, and you can’t miss these if you wish to go out without makeup.

So, what home remedies can prepare you for glam and no-makeup but makeup look –

Don’t forget to coat your skin with aloe vera or the mixture of lemon, glycerin and rose water before sleeping

These home techniques prepare your skin hydrated and moisten for next day.

How to Prepare a Mixture of Lemon, Glycerin and Rose Water?

Take one lemon extract, two tablespoons of glycerin and one-fourth cup of rose water. Keep it in a spray bottle for regular use.

Home-Made Remedies for Rose-Coloured and Moisten Lips

These are very helpful to keep lips moisturized.

Coconut oil

It is one of the best ingredients to moisten the lips. You only have to do is to apply this oil every night on your lips.

Lemon and Sugar Scrub

This remedy is good for exfoliating dead skin of lips. Don’t do it harshly.

For this cut a lemon wedge and dip this in sugar granules. Rub it and leave as it for some time and rinse your lips with lukewarm water.

Skin Rejuvenating Home-Made Remedies

Egg + Honey Mask

Mix a spoon of honey in egg white and apply on face. Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse it with water.

Oatmeal + Milk/Honey Mask

Mix Five tablespoon of oatmeal with honey (if dry skin) or milk, apply on face, keep it for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Lesson 6: Exercise

Exercise tends to do beneficial changes in cutaneous thermoregulatory control and microvascular reactivity of the skin blood flow.

Not only regular exercises but facial exercises also help to improve facial appearance, especially the upper and lower cheek fullness.

Therefore, exercise is a must, not only for the body but also for the skin.

Lesson 7: Follow These Simple, Trendy but Effective Tricks!

With some simple tricks, you can make your face more attractive. These things you can do in your daily life and believe or not; these make a significant change in your appearance.

These tricks are:

  • Curl the eyelashes
  • Brush your brows
  • Put lip balm
  • Dab some moisturizer or facial oil

Hope, you will follow these seven lessons as this will lead you towards getting natural, radiant and brighten skin and make you are ready to go out and shine without makeup.

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