Hair Styling Products: Gel, Wax, Mousse

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I believe that every girl has a problem called “Don’t know what to choose” when sitting in front of the hair styling products rayon in any shop. Me, for example, I spend like 30 minutes just watching those hundreds products and afterwards I say: “well… I will use the same one I used until today…”. So, if you have difficulties in choosing a new or an appropriate hair styling product, read the short article below.

Hair Gel

Useful especially for short hair, you can used it to created some hair stripes or to arrange it to stay still (very still), we can use it to fix the rebel threads or creating the “wet” sensation and appearance.

For the correct application, put some hair gel in your hands, rub them and pass them through your hair in the directions that you want your hair to stay.

Hair Wax

Aims to secure and maintain the desired hairstyle, could be used to finishing a haircut.

The wax needs to be taken between the fingertips and apply on tips of hair, is ideal for a casual hairstyle: after you applied the wax, dry your hair using a round brush or a simple hair dryer.

Hair Mousse (hair Foam)

Ideal for hair if you want to give volume or to achieve natural waves.

For getting the hair volume is want is recommended to apply the foam on the entire length of your hair wet and then dry it upside down, or you can apply the foam on one strand of(wet)  hair then a fix with the curler.

So, conclusion: buy all these kinds of products because you’ll never know when you might need them, and use them according to your needs.

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