The Do’s and Dont’s of Wearing Makeup at the Gym

Wearing makeup while working out is doable if you do it correctly. The important thing is to make sure that you use the best quality products and that you apply them in the right way, you can find more resources here. But, if you are still struggling, we have created a cheat sheet of dos and don’ts when it comes to beauty and breaking a sweat.

Swap Foundation for Concealer.

The best tip to give is to always work out without makeup, but if you cannot stand a bare face, there are some options for you. Instead of covering your face with foundation, use a concealer to mask just the areas where you have spots, discoloration, redness or dark circles.

Concealers are usually water-resistant and perfect even for swimmers. If you are working out outdoors, the pigments in concealers provide an excellent barrier against the sun.

If your skin acne-prone, concealer might not be the best solution for you. But do not lose hope. Mineral makeup is the best alternative. It also provides sun protection and is breathable. 

Another great idea is to use a lighter CC or BB cream.

Highlight Your Eyebrows and Lips.

If you are aiming for a minimal look, playing with your brows and lips is the best way to accomplish that. Well-groomed eyebrows alone can bring out your face, but combining them with a healthy lip color can brighten up your complexion. You can even use a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick. Generally, a bright lipstick color is a big no-no, always opt for subtle and more organic colors. But you must ensure that all products are light and natural.


Choose Waterproof Eye Products.

Eyes are the crucial part of the face, and highlighting them can make you look mysterious even while exercising. While wearing makeup to the gym is not usually the best idea, mascara is considered a safe zone. There are some great waterproof mascaras out there that can endure even your sauna time.

You can even manage some eye makeup while sweating! But maybe you should avoid the full-blown smokey eyes; instead, apply some dark cream eyeshadow on your top lid, but leave some space between the eyeshadow and lashes. This way, you will prevent the pain of having melted eyeshadow in your eyes. Apply some mascara and a touch of water-resistant eyeliner.

Cleanse Your Skin

It is essential to treat your skin whenever wearing makeup and working out. Take your time to cleanse your complexion thoroughly, even before your exercise, but especially after you are finished. Sweat and cosmetics can contribute to irritation and severe acne when combined. Always have a face wash or a scrub in your gym bag and use it as soon as you finish with the workout. Washing your face with warm water and tapping in a clean face cloth will help you wipe any left dead skin, makeup.

If your sin is sensitive, you can apply a gentle cream on your face to give it more hydration.


Wearing makeup while working out may not be the best for your skin, but if you are absolutely determined to do so, you can make it as safe as possible by following these tips. Maybe it is time to update your gym makeup bag.

Vivianne Sterling

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