2 Accessible Solutions for a Shiny Hair

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If your hair lost its shine or you simply look for ways to always keep it healthy and full of vitality, then the following 2 hair care tips could be of great help for you.

You must have great care primarily to food, because as you well know, problems are often generated from it. So make sure your diet is rich in protein, but also fatty acids, carotene, iron, silicon, zinc and vitamins E, B and C. For that, generally eat green vegetables and fruits and certain types of seeds (cereals).

Never brush your hair while wet. It is true that wet hair is easier to straighten than dry hair, but in this case brushing can cause more harm than good. Stylists say is most appropriate to wait several hours after applying the shampoo, so the natural oil can have the needed time to accumulate.

Use Essential Oils

Dull hair will regain its beauty from time to time if you rinse it with a lotion made of essential oils, which has the advantage of letting your hair smell great. You need: 1 / 2 l water, 5 drops lemon oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil and 5 drops of lavender oil. Pour water into a bottle (with plug) and add the oils. Lotion should be applied on wet hair after every wash without rinsing afterward.


Great for all hair types, especially oily hair, for which vinegar offer an airy look. Mix the water you use to rinse your hair with a tablespoon of apple vinegar (it has a pleasant flavor, so do not worry about how your hair will smell afterward). If your hair is dry vinegar will help it stop thrill. Also, vinegar is a good remedy for dandruff!

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