Fantastic wedding hairdo’s

Are you tired of all the elements of classical and other traditional weddings that you attended as a guest? Have you decided to try something new for your wedding? Then, besides dresses trends, you should try and a unique hairdo, which will complete the perfect look. We have chosen for you 5 daring hairstyles, innovative accessorized, that could inspire you in the most beautiful day of your life. Here they are:

Stylized bob

To add some value to you hairdo, you can use some of these hair pins with interesting design. This styling is easily done, and the effect is very pleasant. Grab your strands right from near your ear as high as you can, arrange your fringe in one side so that your face stays free and glowing.[singlepic id=100 h=150 float=left]


For medium or long hair, braided strands are a very good choice. Not only will you be in trend, because weaving is in fashion in 2009, but you get a bohemian and romantic look at the same time. Path can be either middle or in part, depending on which one gives you more advantage.[singlepic id=105 h=100 float=right]

“Up do” with natural flowers

[singlepic id=103 h=130 float=left]A stylized updo in which to use in place of traditional accessories, natural flowers, is the best choice especially for a spring wedding. Not only you can choose any flowers you want, because in this season you have plenty to choose between, but you can even go with the bouquet. You can create an interesting effect if you decide to go with some elements of the dresses, or why not even shoes.

Simple tail

[singlepic id=102 h=120 float=right]If you want to keep a minimalist line in terms of dress, then you can go for a simple hairdo that does not attract too much attention. A simple line, but accessorized with a few clips with semiprecious and shiny stones is perfect for modern wife, which have dropped the idea of a traditional complicated hairstyles for wedding day.

Flower diadem

[singlepic id=106 h=100 float=left][singlepic id=101 h=100 float=right]A tiara or even a coronet of flowers will turn you into a hippie bride, dreamy and romantic.  For an outdoor wedding, this hairdo can be perfect. Remember the saying “less is more” because sometimes it is applied very well.

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