Makeup Tips for Older Women: How to Look Fresh at 50

That applies for both makeup ideas, and hairstyles for women over 50. As you age, you need to change some things. There are many new and innovative products that are perfect for older women.

It is all about technique. When you start applying makeup at young age, you try to look older and more grown up. Now, you need to change your technique. You do not need to look mature any more. You are already mature. Nature has helped you with the grown up look, so now the goal is to look elegant and beautiful even at older age. Here are some tips that will help you.

Use Primer

Start tapping, and then apply primer. Makeup primer is a base for foundation of face makeup. This product allows you to achieve smoother look that will last longer. Instead of heavy foundation, consider using a lighter product. Then keep it in place with a primer.

The Right Foundation

Light foundations are rich in pigment, and provide better coverage. They also give you a fresh look. Forget about the sponge, and focus on light foundation. Use a brush to apply, as it gives you better coverage. A brush also helps you avoid that thick and caked look. You need to apply foundation under your eyes, because you will apply concealer later on. This is one of the most important tips for makeup for older women.

Embrace the Concealer

The trick with the concealer is to apply it lower on your face. By doing this, the light from the concealer will reflect back up, and actually hide the dark circles. For example, you can apply on the top of the cheek bone. But never under your eyes.

How to Make Eyes Sparkle?

This is where magic happens. Instead of using your regular eyebrow color, use a lighter shade. Brush your eyebrows down, and outline them with pencil. Then, brush the eyebrows back up. This is an amazing technique that will make your eyes sparkle.

When you get to your eye shadow, use a color that is best fit to you. However, apply a cream to powder formula. When you work your eye shadow, stop the color short from the end of your eyes. This will give lifted and wide eyed look. Apply the same technique for your lashes, stopping the pencil before the end of the top eye lashes.

When you apply mascara, you want to make your lashes to look fat and full. Avoid lengthening mascaras in your 50s, and focus on mascaras with thick full formula. Curl your eyelashes after applying mascara.

Make Your Cheeks Glow

In order to give your cheeks a beautiful glow, you need to change how you apply makeup from your younger days. Apply blush with a brush, place it on the apple of your cheeks, and then apply. The apple of the cheeks is usually lower than most women apply makeup. However, by doing this, you are putting more emphasis on the eyes, and less to the jowls that happen because of gravity.

What About Your Lips?

Apply highlighter above your lips. Then apply lip pencil on the outer edge of your lip line. Avoid the inside of the lip line. Applying on the outer edge will make your lips look naturally fuller. Finish off with a lipstick.

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