Tips for choosing the perfect foundation

Often, the skin problems should be hidden so you can display a perfect skin. Unfortunately there are cases in which our efforts do not have great results, and even more they emphasize the imperfections even more. We offer you some great tips so you learn how to properly choose your foundation.

1. Skin with problems

[singlepic id=540 h=150 float=left]Ideal Foundation: Normally, skin problems are excess of sebum, so you have to choose formulas without oil in composition. Mineral Powder is indicated and appropriate for this type of skin, managing to cover imperfections and calm irritated skin easily, and that because doesn’t contain preservatives or flavors.
Best result: apply a layer of thin powder with circular movements especially on areas with problems.
Dilated pores, pimple, rush, black points and sensitive areas, all of them are the definition of problematic skin.

2. Mature skin

Lack of tonus, dry skin and wrinkles presents of brownish spots, all contribute to the appearance of old skin.
Ideal Foundation: Find products with intense hydration and containing a complex of antioxidants and anti-aging principles that render your skin tone minimize profound wrinkles and cover the fine ones. Choose textured fluids and stay away from those with compact composition.
Best result: give luminosity to your face and maintain a natural aspect. Apply the foundation by plugging with a small make-up sponge; in this way it will hold better and you avoid the risk of excess in some areas.

3. Sensitive skin

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Ideal Foundation: First, you have to reduce skin contact with your hands to prevent infection with invisible bacteria skin from your hands. Choose protective products which have an applier, and use the little make-up sponge and do not rub your face! Use products with light textures, so you allow your face skin to breath.
Best result: apply foundation from the center of your face and powder it to fix it!
Redness, inflammation and pimples are quite common problems for sensitive skin, sometimes suffers from eczemas too.

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  1. Choose your foundation according to your skin color. Whether your face is milky white, of chocolate color or you have a wheat-ish complexion, you need to explore a foundation that matches your skin tone.

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