How to Give Yourself a Pedicure at Home

There is nothing quite as wonderful as having beautifully pedicured feet. Right after getting a professional pedicure, I always feel extremely motivated to take better care of my feet and to visit the nail spa more often. Sadly, I rarely follow through.

Having a pedicure every week or two can keep them in excellent shape. Unfortunately, it also can cost a lot of money. Even if you love having beautiful feet, it is hard to justify spending that much money on pedicures. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. You can still keep your feet in great shape by learning how to give yourself professional quality pedicures in the comfort of your home. Even though it takes a little bit of work to learn the ins and outs of giving yourself a great pedicure, it is worth the effort. 

The tips below are designed to help you keep your feet looking like you just came from the salon. The key to getting good results is to stick with your routine. Consistency makes a big difference when it comes to having beautiful feet.

Nine Tips for Perfect Home Pedicures:

Check out these tips to help your feet look their best through the use of home pedicures:

1. Choose a High-Quality Pumice Scrub With a Cream-Like Consistency.

In my opinion, peppermint scrubs are some of the best since they do a great job of softening and invigorating your feet.

I recommend the combination of those two:

2. Choose a Cuticle Moisturizer That Has Lemon as an Ingredient. 

Not only does this leave your cuticles cleaner but it also gives them a beautiful shine.

I recommend this:

3. Follow This Simple Routine to Leave Your Feet Clean and Attractive:

  • Start by filling a container with warm water and soaking your feet.
  • Enhance the water by adding a few drops of essential oil, some bath salts, or a splash of lemon juice.
  • Allow your feet to soak for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse your feet using warm, clean water. Continue rinsing for about half a minute.
  • Begin exfoliating your feet like usual. 

To enhance the stress relieving properties of the foot soak, you can add beautiful flowers or exotic stones to the water.

4. Massage Your Feet.

 If there is someone around to help, ask them if they can massage your feet a little bit before you go on to the last part of the cleansing process, which involves drying your feet.

5. Avoid Rubbing the Towel Over Your Feet to Dry Them.

Instead, use a gentle patting motion.

6. Put on Your Nail Polish. 

Once you are done, place your toenails in extremely cold water. This helps set the nail polish so that it dries more quickly and is less likely to smudge or smear.

7. Don’t Apply the Varnish Until Your Toenails Are Totally Dry.

Consider wiping them with remover to verify that they are ready.

8. if You Don’t Have Cuticle Oil, You Can Always Apply Olive Oil.

9. Relax Throughout the Process.

Put on some good music. While your feet soaked, consider reading a book or closing your eyes and relaxing. This will make the experience a lot more special, leaving you feeling pampered. Treat your feet with care – after all, they work hard to keep you going.

Even though these tips aren’t overly complex, it is easy to overlook them when you are giving yourself a pedicure. If you haven’t ever done this on yourself before, don’t go overboard when trimming your nails. After soaking, the nails tend to become quite soft. If you don’t use a light hand when cutting, you could wind up hurting both your toes and your fingers. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a pedicure is to help your feet look more attractive and to keep them healthy. Pay a lot of attention to them, massaging them, cleaning them, and exfoliating them on a regular basis.

Hopefully, these tips for giving yourself a pedicure at home will inspire you to take better care of your feet. If you have any additional tips that you would like to add, please share them with us in the comments below. Have you ever given yourself a home pedicure? How did it go? We’d love to hear any tips, tricks, or past experiences that you want to share.

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