Haircare Tips for Your Holiday of a Lifetime

Taking good care of your hair in the comfort of your home is usually straightforward. You understand the water quality, which shampoos work best, how to handle the changes in seasons, and you have everything you need to style and groom your mane. But when you take a trip, all this can change. Dealing with different temperatures and changes in humidity as well as the effects of chlorine and salt water can all lead to your hair getting the holiday blues.

And no one wants to come home from an exciting trip with a frazzled mop of unruly hair. To make the most of your holiday while limiting the damage to your hair, try these top tips for holiday hair care.

The Quality of the Water You Use for Showering Has a Significant Impact on Your Hair

Softer water leaves some types of hair feeling silky while hard water leaves some hair types dry and unmanageable. If you are unsure of the type of water in the area, pack for both eventualities. Bring a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner for hard water areas and a lightweight shampoo and conditioner for soft water. Keep your hair in top condition by using a leave-in conditioner after each wash and apply a deep conditioning mask once a week. 

It’s also a good idea to limit the amount of exposure your hair gets to chlorine and seawater, especially if it is coloured. Wear your hair up and covered with a scarf or hat when you venture into the water and avoid putting your head underneath the waves wherever possible.

Understand The Climate

Understanding the climate of the place you visit is a crucial step in managing your hair while you’re there. Whether you’re going to experience a hot and dry climate for the casinos of Las Vegas or a humid climate for the nightlife of the Bahamas, each place will affect your hair differently. Do some research on the seasonal differences in the climate for the time you plan to go and pack accordingly. If you must deal with humidity, pack a frizz serum, but for arid climates, pack plenty of conditioner and hair oils.   

Use Braids And Buns

Braids are a girl’s best friend when on vacation, so make the most of them by bringing plenty of hair elastics. Split damp hair into two sections, spritz with texturizing spray and loosely braid each before leaving to dry in the sun or heading to bed. You should have tousled, beachy waves when to take them out. Messy buns are also perfect for a holiday vibe. Just pile all your hair on top of your head and create a bun with elastic. Loosen the bun by pulling strands out to create a lived-in look.   

Seawater can wreak havoc with your hair

Take your compact Styling tools for travel

Packing your compact hair-styling tools is an excellent way to make sure you can style your hair for special nights out. Often the blow dryers in hotel rooms can be of poor quality, so limit the damage to your hair by bringing yours. Also, try to avoid heat styling your hair as often as you might back home and instead, save it for nights out or special events.

Protecting Your Hair and Scalp Should Be High on Your List of Priorities

After all, no one wants a burned, flaky scalp and frazzled hair! Use a high-quality sunscreen for your locks and cover your head with a hat or scarf when you are out in the sun to protect it from burning. If it does burn, apply coconut oil or aloe vera gel to soothe the scalp and rinse out after an hour or two with a mild shampoo.

Protect Your Hair Color

The key to maintaining great holiday hair is to keep it as low maintenance as possible. Avoid colouring your hair for up to two weeks before you leave to give the colour time to settle. Also, protect your hair from the elements as much as possible so that you avoid colour fade — that means keeping your hair under wraps at all times! 

Wherever you choose to spend your vacation, make it a stress-free one by taking steps to protect your hair while you’re there. Then, you can return home with your shiny locks intact as well as lots of beautiful memories!

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