Tips for a great home-made manicure

This article is about how easy you can get a perfect manicure without spending any money or losing any time, these are things you can do on your own, learn from us!

“Manicure is a complex of hygienic – sanitary operations – targeted toward our beautiful nails, operation that we often perform at home, either for lack of time or finances, or the fear of who knows what can happen in specialized cabinets (small “accidents” that we heard about or we felt on our skin.)
Next we will offer you a short lesson about how easy it is to take care of your nails at home.

There are two types of nail files:
– Diamond fingernails for harsh nails;
– Emery for soft nails, which are sensitive and may break otherwise.

Manicure operation!

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–          You start with removing the nail polish from the nails with acetone, starting from the small finger;

–          Cut the nails in length and then in width after the desired shape;

–          You have to be careful with the sensitive nails, because they break easily so, in order to avoid breaking use the file under the nail.

–          After cutting a nail you separate the cuticle from the nail very well and carefully;

–          Put your fingers in the vessel with warm water and liquid soap;

–          When you take them out of the vessel, you need to wipe them real good with a dry towel or napkin;

–          Clean with the penknife any harshness of nails and around the raised cuticle – but carefully, do not “grind” the nail as you risk to get affected and have bad effects;

–          Dip down a cotton ear stick in a special cream (you can use a little olive oil) and push the skin. If you want to remove cuticles, you can use a certain type of small sticks. They avoid cutting injuries!

–          Disinfect with alcohol and apply carmine.

You must also be aware of the particular effect nail polish has on your nails. So, this is the effect certain colors may have:
Dark shades of color – emphasize hands and nails;
Light shades of color – burrs imperfect forms;

– Before applying nail polish, with a little skimmed dissolvent clean the nail, then apply an invigorating nail basecoat, and leave it to get dry.
– Please note that improper treatment of the nails can seriously damage your hands, a radical cutting of nails, an excessive filing can harm your nails, and make them easily breakable and ugly. This is a short video from Youtube, with a basic manicure tutorial. Hope you will enjoy it!


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