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How to Use the Gel Nail Polish for Your Manicure – The Right Way

Well manicured hands are a style card for an elegant woman, so it is a mandatory requirement for a beautiful and respected person. Let’s see how the gel nail polish can help you with that.

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How to Stop the Nail Biting Habit?

Beautiful hands and nail care start with basics, and not having raggy, bleeding cuticles is a primary step in having presentable hands. Granted, one of the hardest habits to break is to stop fingernail biting.

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6 Steps for a Perfect French Manicure

Start treating your hands and nails with the needed respect:). Here are the basic steps to follow if you want a sensational French manicure, done in only 30 minutes (the most!).

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Hot Tips for Nails Health

What are nails? Well… we may say that are one thing that differentiates us from men 🙂 because we like them long and colorful…most of the time. Learn to keep them healthy, good looking.

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Tips for a great home-made manicure

This article is about how easy you can get a perfect manicure without spending any money or losing any time, these are things you can do on your own, learn from us!