Learn which are the latest trends in nail art, manicure tips for fall-winter 2010.

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French manicure? Not anymore! Stylish, classy, ready for the usual office outwear, but your manicure has to be in fashion, same as your clothes.

If you like playing with manicure and experiment new trends, this season will be a very good opportunity for you because nail art is the ultimate fashion when it comes to manicure. This trend will push you to dare, to play mixes of color, and especially with nail forms. Just take a quick look to our ideas of “nail art” for fall-winter 2010, and you will definitely find a model to match your requests.

Manicure accessories can be a real style-statement if you opt for vibrant colors and square shapes. All manicurists agree that a well-defined and beautiful manicure that comes out is a clear sign that the carrier is very careful with personal care. In other words, if you want the reputation of an extremely elegant, careful and stylish woman, then you should look and test a variety of “nail art” manicure styles. Adopt the colors of autumn and promote the joy with combining colors, textures and other details on a single manicure.

Art Fashion Tendencies for Nail Art in 2010

Own ideas: You don’t have to follow a specific pattern, you can just create your own manicure, “nail art” and follow your heart in choosing the design.

Floral: Whether it’s relief designs and applications, floral prints are a real must-have for this season.

Glitter and more glitter: Choose a nail polish with glitter or apply a final coat of glitter as a final touch of your manicure.

Not all nails must look identical: You can choose to put only a few applications or use contrasting shades of nail polish, on different nails.

Animal print: A big trend in fashion for 2010, now it’s time for the manicure to reflect an urban-chic style. Let’s get wild! If you also choose a sharp nail form you’re a real fashionista!

Inspiration from nature: Models of flowers, leaves, ladybug, butterflies, and fruits … can seem too much! Believe me they are really chic. Only revive the idea of nature in a season like autumn using fine, small brushes and everything looks amazing.

Animations: Go for Hello Kitty, choose any cartoon character you want, paint smiley faces, add crystals, rings, create special designs to connect with the fall winter season.

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