Come on, we all love handbags, no matter their sizes. Big, small, pattern no pattern, office handbags, tiny purses…so; here are 5 hot models you don’t have to miss this winter.
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I thought that, if yesterday I wrote an article about 5 must-have clothes for the (soon) coming winter, well…maybe today it’s time for a related article, about handbags.

Come on, we all love handbags, no matter their sizes. Big, small, pattern no pattern, office handbags, tiny purses…so; here are 5 hot models you don’t have to miss this winter.

1. Fashionable red – office handbag from Dior

Specialists consider that the hottest color for winter 2010 is red. So, Dior created for us a series of hot handbags. We advise you to but a red handbag, no matter an office one or a small purse, it will clearly get you out of anonymity. This bag is in red quilted lambskin with “cannage” stitching.

2. Louis Vuitton – Monogram Vernis – Bellevue PM

“With its strong shape, elegant Monogram Vernis leather and comfortable hand carry, the Bellevue PM is an ideal city bag. Inside, there is plenty of space for carrying all the daily essentials about town.” This is an extract from the official Louis Vuitton web-site.

3. Alice bag, from Marc Jacobs

This unique fuchsia color handbag looks extremely chic with casual wear, skinny jeans, sexy high heels and a cardigan. The only minus we found is…this material, some fur-like material and plastic…we would have loved it in leather! But, it’s still a must have!

4. Valentino Garavani – for a sexy night out!

As you can see, it’s a small clutch; sexy, romantic look isn’t it? It is entirely made of silk, you can opt for different colors, black, red, skin color (some kind of pale pink) and light Grey. It has a useful zipper and it fits perfect with a little black dress and some high heels, why not, maybe you can choose Valentino’s too.

5. Chanel small purse with engraved chain

“Iridescent grained calfskin bag with an engraved chain.” This is the official web-site description. We say it’s hot hot hot. It’s part of the fall-winter 2010 collection of leather goods.

But! Except this we have a great surprise for you. Out there, on this World Wide…Web…there is a site specially created for us, handbags addicted. Here is its link:  Handbago and the extraordinary great team behind the site created a true “handbags” cult over there. For instance, you can find whatever you want related to handbags: Designer handbags, Celebrity handbags, all kind of purses and handbags and also a personal Handbag Stylist. If you want to learn more about “how it’s made” or about what other people think about a certain bag, read more on the pages created for Handbag Blog and Handbag Reviews.

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  • Great post!! LOVE handbago!!

  • Loving this blog AND this post!!! Thanks for writing about, we hope you will continue to come back as a bagista:)

  • Where was handbago all of my life? How exciting! I absolutely loved the website you just featured! I just checked it out and found my new bag for fall! Thanks for sharing!

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