CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is a compound in cannabis. There are 113 cannabinoids in marijuana. When people talk about marijuana and its use and safety they are referring to the THC compound. The THC compound is known as the “high”. According to Leaf Science, “THC is responsible for the euphoric, mind-altering effects of the cannabis plant. The reason for this is that THC binds to CB1 (cannabinoid 1) receptors, which are mostly found in the brain. This changes how the brain functions, and leads to the “high”. CBD does not bind to CB1 receptors, so it doesn’t have the same psychoactive effect.”. CBD has many health benefits without the “high”.

How Do You Take CBD?

These can be bought from Every Day Optimal CBD as tinctures, oils, and capsules.

Tinctures are extracts of cannabis that come in dropper bottles. They come in different concentrations that you can take orally or add to food or drink.

Oils can be applied topically.

Capsules, gummies, and gums are taken orally.

Health Benefits of CBD

Many scientist and users are finding positive results in children and adults.

CBD oil has been used from everything from acne to cancer.

CBD cancer fighting properties have the scientific community buzzing. In some studies it has been shown to reduce cancer cells or kill them completely. The other benefits to this breakthrough is that there seem to be very mild side effects. The most common side effects are tiredness, diarrhea, and change to weight and appetite. CBD is still being studied, but it looks promising.

The most common use is for treatment depression, anxiety, acne, PTSD, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, arthritis, and pain. CBD is known for its pain and anti-inflammatory properties.

What Are the Side Effects?

According to a report in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health “The majority of studies were performed for treatment of epilepsy and psychotic disorders. Here, the most commonly reported side effects were tiredness, diarrhea, and changes of appetite/weight.” These side effects are much milder compared to their counterparts.

Is It Legal?

Legality depends on where you are. Some states it is legal and other it is banned or partially banned. Each state has their own laws on the use and possession of Cannabidiol. Some states restrict the amount of CBD and THC. Check your state to see where it stands on CBD.

Even though CBD is in the early stages of research, many scientist and users agree that it is effective and safe for the most part. Many users have seen positive results in the reduction of seizures and cancer. Before using or purchasing CBD, check the laws of your states, as well as, consulting with your doctor.

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