Large Handbags, a Hot Trend in 2010

Young woman looking at big leather bag in fashion boutique

Creators have not dared to remove the bulky handbags trends. They certainly took into account the women need for carrying lots and lots of things in their handbags. On the other hand, is hard to believe that me, you, you or… you could quit using the enormous handbags.

Try to imagine a small clutch in which you could fit a small wallet and some napkins… Impossible, huh? You can stay calm, though. All  fashion houses showed on podium large roomy handbags, available for many seasons…soon, the enormous handbags will be as classical as the little black dress.

Neutral Colors

Christian Dior proposes briefcase style handbags . Can not quit using the snake or crocodile skin. Simplicity and elegance.

Dolce & Gabbana proves not too much originality and suggests fur handbag decorated with braided leather. Convenient, practical and beautiful, D & G handbags are wearable at any time of day, because you never can break them. In terms of color,  D & G offers an absolutely irresistible brilliant black.

Good models come with Gucci this year. Beautiful bags have to be worn in hand  because you have no belt attached, so you can not wear it on your shoulders. The colors are here, neutral, preferably brown and gray shades, so you can be impressed by the beauty of detail, and color is an element that is nearly not that important.

“Happy Handbags”

Louis Vuitton handbag is the funniest: colorful and cheerful, offers you not just lot of room but also fun. Altogether, irresistible. Louis Vuitton uses smooth and soft leather, buckles,  fringes, and accessories which make the handbags to spread joy. You can be sad, no matter what problems you have, if you wear one of the 2010 Louis Vuitton designs you’ll definitely forget about them. It should be noted that the handbags are most suitable in different outfits, because they are a splash of color with personality.

Versace bags and come along with all the possible colors. Although htey show different style and personality, they appear a little less exuberant than the wonders created by Louis Vuitton. Versace handbags are decorated more meticulously and carefully. Versace proposed bags which can replace the jewelry and handbags that make you happy.

Marc Jacobs created some small adorable bags. With pompoms and fringes, Jacobs used a lot of./..volume and colors. Whether matte or metallic shades, his creations are an extraordinary spring accessory that you can wear all year long, so it is suitable, without problems, in any season.

Elegance and Refinement

Prada bags are known for elegance and refinement. Sober, but feminine from precious materials, Prada handbags have no blemish. The few models in transparent materials might raise some problems. Handbags from Chloe are registered in the category of very elegant. The leather used is always precious, hard lacquered colors, preferably with intense cherry-red. Decorated with tassels or buckles, Chloe handbags are very friendly.

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