Hair Revolution in 2010

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You started the New Year with a stunning hairstyle, I bet! But, I believe that it is time to say “Abracadabra” and change your old hairstyle with a new chic one! This is what you have to do (2 simple steps to follow) in order to renew yourself this year.

Start Taking Care of Your Hair

Here are 3 must-have hair care products, you should use them with confidence. They will play an important role in the revolution of your hairstyle.

Renew Your Hairstyle

I don’t know if you agree, but why wear that fairytale long ponytail every day? Is that really necessary? That long hair of yours that you wash in 30 minutes, dry in other 30 minutes and makes your mornings miserable because you can never find the perfect hairdo?! The shorter the better. I told you so last year too. Short is sexy. Shorter hair has more volume, it is much easier to handle, you can do like….whatever kind of funky hairstyle comes to your mind.

It Is Important to Take Into Consideration Your Face Shape

The medium cut is trendy, is nice, but doesn’t suit everyone.

For round face – You have to wear a medium – to long – hair, because you have to hide the prominences of your cheeks.

Long face – you can wear it a little “dizzy”. And by dizzy I mean, use some styling products, put your hands in your hair and mix things around. It will look a little nasty but will bring a fresh feeling!

If you have a high forehead, well…this is easy, cut your hair anyway you want but add a cool fringe!

Tips for styling? Use the Paul Mitchell volume spray: Extra daily boost!

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