10 Easy and Quick Hairstyles Ideas

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Doesn’t matter if you have longer, shorter, colored hair, waves or even hair extensions, there is a little bit for everyone on our list! Here are our top 10 picks for a quick and easy hairstyle!

Side Fish Braid

  1. Side Fish Braid

If you prefer styling your hair as cute as possible this hairstyle will suit you perfectly! Women who are blessed enough to have naturally long and healthy hair can braid their entire hair into a larger fish braid, and then do a tiny small one that they will connect with the larger braid somewhere in the middle. 

One of the pros of getting this hairstyle is its low maintenance! You won’t need to redo or wash your hair every now and then, since the messier the braid – the better!

Textured Curls Hairstyle

  1. Textured Curls

Are you aware that these are hair extensions? Yes, that’s right! If you have naturally short and thin hair you can adjust your hair extensions and get away with it easily. Take your hair straightener or even hair curler and do a few of these soft beach waves! You will get the desired effect in no time. 

Pro: Since you are styling your extensions with the straightener you should not be worried about damaging your natural hair. In case you’ve purchased the right pair, your extensions will curl up easily and stay like that all day long! Also, make sure that the hair straightener or curler is warm enough before you jump into the styling process. 

Innocent Bun Hairstyle

  1. Innocent Bun

Women love doing their hair as fast as possible, but yet, they want to look chic. If you are in a hurry this little updo bun will do you justice and you will look cute and approachable. 

Pro: Men love simple women! Since you are doing a simple and innocent looking hair bunn they will approach you easily.

Highlights Hairstyle

  1. Highlights 

Highlights never tend to go out of fashion. Doesn’t matter if they are sombre, ombre or balayage, this winter is perfect for dying your hair! We only advise you to cut your hair, since bob cut is slowly but surely coming back. Also, your roots may be a bit damaged because of the cold freezing air, so at least consider cutting them.

The Shorter The Better Hairstyle

  1. The Shorter The Better 

See, we told you that short hair is trending! This awesome winter hairstyle with bleached highlights is perfect for older audience and women who don’t like doing way too much.

This hairstyle only requires you to blow dry it and to put a lot of mousse on top. Scrunch your hair while applying the mousse and you will end up with the most amazing soft beach waves.

Braided Beauty Hairstyle

  1. Braided Beauty 

You need to look elegant and formal for your Christmas party? Say no more.

This thick braid with its warm tones and caramel highlights is perfect for any celebration you might have going on at the moment. This hairstyle not only looks glamorous, but it doesn’t require too much of your time, believe it or not.

The only tricky part is holding your hair in place if it is this textured. If you believe you are not the best at it then you can take your chance at your hairdressers. They don’t charge a lot for braids, believe it or not. 

Easy Side Braid Hairstyle

  1. Easy Side Braid 

Do you love leaving all of your straight but adding just a small detail to it? Then let it be this side braid! Women love braiding their own hair if it is not too time-consuming. This winter wear your hair straight down to your rots, then do a small side braid on one side you prefer, and do the upper smaller bun as well! Throw a beanie on and you are ready not only to have fun on snow but to look cute while doing it!

The Infamous Ribbon Hairstyle

  1. The Infamous Ribbon 

 You can always look like a Christmas present if you tie a short ponytail and put it in red ribbon. Since it is Winter we need to spice some things up and to make everything as appropriate as possible for the season. That’s why finding a simple red ribbon, or even a hair tie, is a great idea. 

Pro: If you have lighter hair you will be so easily spotted by the guys around you. Everyone likes the red color, impossible to un-notice.

Salon Curls Hairstyle

  1. Salon Curls

Darker burgundy sweater, a brown smokey eye, and a wing eyeliner are an awesome combination for the Winter season. But once you add the super tight salon curls you will complete the look! Longer but looser curls are the embodiment of the Winter season. Not only that these can be worn for any formal occasion, but they can also be worn during your everyday life. 

Pro: Longer and more voluminous hair needs to be less washed than the flat straight type. In case you have voluminous hair, the greasiness, dirt and split ends will be a lot harder to notice. 

Blonde Bomb Hairstyle

  1. Blonde Bomb

Last but not least we have a cute every day perfect for school hairstyle!

The younger audience can rock their side fishtail braid with no effort required. Actually, this hairstyle can look good on its own, and most definitely if you pair it up with a little red dress. If you are more of a ”chill” type of a person then just throw on a sweater and have the time of your life!

Pro: Any women no matter her age can wear and achieve this fish braid. It takes only 5 minutes of your time, and a good hairband, that easy!

So, what’s your favourite hairstyle from these 10 ideas?

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