Fashion Trends in Fall 2010: What and How to Wear

Don’t mind the sunny days, in no time we will see leaves going yellow and rain pouring on the sidewalks. So, should we keep the wardrobe we had last year? Or is anything new around designers’ area that we should know about?! Well, there are many new tendencies in clothing and shoe fashion, so, this article is meant to help you decide: what fits you best. A short induction in fashion trends for fall 2010, with key elements about clothes and shoes.

Military Trend:

Among the durable trends, we have the military trend, that now has new sources of inspiration, more appropriate and ready to wear than the military style from last year. If until now women were looking for precious models with chains, epaulets and large buttons (specific to XVIII-th and XiX-th century), 2010 fall brings up the Khaki’s and utility minimalism of the twentieth century. Here we include the Aviator style, which is combined with ultra feminine models and textures.

Masculine Style:

Male influences remain a hot trend this fall. They are found in both variant-rigorous minimalist – outfits inspired by today’s office – as well as in the dude-flamboyant – inspired by the rich costumes of the Victorian and Edwardian times.

Ultra Feminine:

At the opposite end are fashion models inspired from the 50s-60s, which create the ultra feminine hourglass-shaped silhouette. Well tight on the waist, long and slightly puffed up over the knee, dresses, skirts and coats that radiate sensuality and mystery. They can be worn with long gloves, headband and / or with low-heeled shoes (flats) for a real look alike. Or can be brought into our times through the use of materials (leather, tulle) or unusual clothing combination (Boyfriend blazer, sport shirts, corsets).


Specific to fall-winter season are also high collars that are both sexy and practical. Here we talk about polo collars, which worn together with different blouses, jackets or extravagant jewelry create the base of impact outfits.

Buttoned-Up Collars and How to Wear Them

The key to the buttoned-up look is that it should appear put together, Collected. Just as with over-the-knee socks, is rooted in Its sexiness and modesty stems from a year understated air of confidence.
As for the cut of the shirt, the collar buttoned can work with sleeveless, short or long sleeved shirts. Be sure to note and forget about the humble dress shirts either.

Sight Underwear

The idea is not to walk around in freezing winter with your underwear at sight. This trends, to wear underwear on top of other pieces of clothing in autumn-winter 2010 only wants to promote sexuality and femininity, which will be highlighted by bras, garters and lace finally discovered. Considering the low temperatures of autumn-winter season, the trend will be to overlap clothing and lingerie.


When it comes to shoes the main and clear trend is based on knee-high boots. Knee high boots and even the ones that go higher on our hips are is undoubtedly the biggest trend of the autumn-winter season 2010.

Materials and Colors for Boots Over Knee

Our advice, go for black and brown! But, as the fall season in 2010 is a little crazy you can give a try to purple and grey, even khaki. As for materials, avoid the PVC, which will never be considered an element in the quality composition and bet on leather. Can get you more money out of your pocket, but you will have a quality outfit and not a copied one.

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