Fashion Jewelry – Trends in Fall-Winter 2010

Well, every season designers impress us with new clothing styles. But, aren’t’ accessories also very important for a complete outfit? Have you ever gone out without a pair of earrings or a watch, or maybe a glamorous necklace for a special cocktail night? Anyway, jewels are very important for a woman, so, find out what are the hottest rends in jewelry in fall 2010, and choose the correct accessories for your outfits.

In general, the hottest new trends in jewelry are big and bold. The most popular colors will be earth colors, such as grays, blacks and browns. These will be pieces that remind us of nature and go well with any outfit.


Remember to use plating finishes to send the right mood message. Shiny surfaces evoke a more traditional status feeling and burnished plating’s can create an antique and nostalgic mood. Mix them for a truly modern and versatile look.

Animal “print”

Animal, coin and flower designs are going to be popular this fall; think unique and idiosyncratic. For instance, a jungle theme can be created with necklaces and bracelets with diverse shapes and patterns of elephant, snake and giraffe charms, and contrast this look with funky urban metals and graffiti pieces.

Vintage Jewelry

Brooches: Because classic rhinestone brooches were so popular in the 1960’s, you can often find them at vintage stores (but snatch them up quick because of their recent rise in popularity). The modern versions are usually a combination of colored pearls, cut gems and rhinestones.
Ribbons: Though not so popular in the 1960’s, ribbons are being used with pearls, rhinestones and cut gems to gather multi-strand necklaces, serve in place of a necklace clasp and accent earrings and brooches.

Chandelier Over-Sized Earrings

Size is still the winner in terms of style – the bigger the better. With over-sized earrings however, make sure they are made of a lightweight material; you don’t want them pulling down on your ears all day. Choose earrings with intricate, funky designs with lots of texture and 3D elements. Don’t worry about matching your earrings exactly with your other accessories. Big, intricate earrings look great when they are mixed together with different materials and designs.

Statement Necklaces

From giant metal flowers to big rocks and stones, Fall 2010 jewelry trends lean towards necklaces that make a big statement.


Popular colors for the fall and winter months are silver, black, copper, brown, and all shades of jewel tones. Turquoise blue, eggplant purple, deep fuchsia, emerald green are all shades you start seeing in clothing and jewelry as the summer cloths come off the store shelves and fall fashions make their appearance.

And for any other new impressive ideas, check this video out! On Fashion TV designers presented the fall 2010 trends in jewelry:

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