Teeth Whitening. Any Risks?

Yes and no... depends on the tooth paste you regularly use. Teeth whitening can be a real problem if you have sensitive teeth, gum problems or periodontitis.

The active substance, that all teeth whitening products use, is peroxide, which is a kind of detergent with active oxygen. It acts on the surface of teeth and removes tooth deposits (those that are not visible to the naked eye). Studies show that 30-35% of peroxide concentrate wouldn’t be harmful. Basically, it is recommended not to exceed 15%. Fast and intensive treatments (applied at the dentist) imply a higher concentration of peroxide, with the risk of harming your teeth. Long-term applications, home-made, with only 12-15% concentration is milder. It is advisable to consult a specialist before following these procedures. Sometimes a professional brushing is sufficient for whitening your teeth.

Even if you choose to apply professional products for teeth whitening at home, purchased from pharmacies, they have to be correctly chosen. Both, whitening products and toothbrush, should be checked carefully, if they fit your teeth and, especially, if they are still in the period of validity.

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