College Skincare Routine in Under 3 Minutes

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Skincare is extremely important, especially during the early stages of our lives. If we don’t take care of it while we’re young, we’ll have trouble with it when we start aging. So, college students need to make sure their skin is healthy and clean. Since most of them will argue skincare takes too much time, we’re going to beg the differ.

Here’s a step by step college skincare routine you can perform in less than 3 minutes. Let’s break it down together.

1. Wash Your Hands: 40 Seconds

Before you start touching your face with your hands, you need to make sure your hands are perfectly clean. Since you’ll be cleaning your face, it’s not enough to just wash your hands with some hot water.

Make sure that you use a good hand sanitizer which can:

  • kill all the bacteria
  • kill all the viruses
  • clean your hands thoroughly

Scrub your hands properly, and don’t leave any part out. Once your hands are clean, you’re ready to proceed with your skincare routine.

2. Remove Your Makeup: 40 Seconds

Next, you need to make sure your face is completely make-up free. 

So, if you’re wearing any makeup, now is the time to remove it completely. For proper makeup removal, you’ll need:

  • makeup wipes
  • a makeup removal glove/towel
  • warm water

Remove the first layer of makeup with a makeup wipe.

Then, soak the makeup removal cloth you’re using, and start removing the rest of your makeup. Make sure you’re doing this gently, to avoid irritating your skin.

Once you remove all the makeup, wash your face with some warm water. This will open up your pores and make it easy for you to continue with your skincare routine.

 Don’t use water that’s too cold or too hot, since this can cause dryness and additional irritation.

Once you finish with removing your makeup, your face is ready for additional care.

3. Face Cleansing: 40 Seconds

You’ve cleaned your hands and your face and prepared it for the following phase of your college skincare routine.

Now it’s time to perform deeper cleansing of your face and ensure you remove makeup leftovers and dirt from deep in your pores.

For this part of your routine, you’re going to have to find and choose a product suitable for your skin:

  • a face wash
  • cleansing cream
  • foaming cleanser
  • micellar water

Choose the one that’s specifically designed for your face type:

  • dry
  • oily
  • normal
  • sensitive

Apply the product to your face and gently wash your face until you’ve covered all areas.

Once again, wash your face with some warm water.

4. Face Scrub (Optional): 40 Seconds

As you can see, face scrub is an optional part of your skincare routine. This is because you should do a face scrub two times a week, and not daily.

A face scrub will help you:

  • remove the dead skin cells
  • remove dirt
  • remove spots

It’s best that you use a mild face scrub, made of natural ingredients. Read the label before you buy one, and treat your skin gently.

Here’s how to do it:

  • wash your face with warm water
  • don’t dry it
  • put some face scrub on your face
  • gently massage your skin to remove the dead cells and dirt

A face scrub will make your skin feel rejuvenated and fresh. Make sure it’s a part of your skincare routine two times a week.

5. Moisturizing: 1 Minute

Finally, you need to cool your face down and let it rest. Since you’ve treated it with several different products, it now needs a time out.

Therefore, you need to finish your skincare routine with a face moisturizer.

Again, pay special attention to your face type when choosing a moisturizer. If you use the wrong one, you’ll do more harm than good.

It’s best that you perform this routine before going to bed. Here’s how to apply the moisturizer:

  • lift your hair with a towel or some bobby pins
  • gently apply the moisturizer all over your face
  • leave a thin layer of moisturizer on your skin
  • go to bed with the moisturizer 

By leaving a thin layer of moisturizer on, you’re allowing your skin to enjoy the effects longer.

You’ll wake with soft, clear, and fresh skin.

Additional Advice

Although your skincare routine is important and influences the quality of your skin, you still have other things you need to pay attention to.

To ensure your skin is healthy and glowing, you need to pay attention to your other daily habits.

Here’s a couple of things that influence your skin:

  • sleep: lack of sleep can cause wrinkles, eye circles, and more
  • water: make sure you’re always hydrated or your skin will suffer
  • food: try eating less sugar and junk food; eat plenty of fresh, plant-based ingredients
  • alcohol and cigarettes: these are the nightmare for your skin so reduce the consumption as much as possible

If you manage to combine all of the above with your skincare routine, your skin will be healthier than ever.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a nightmare or a waste of time. In less than three minutes, you can perform an entire skincare routine. All you need is quality skincare products that match your skin type.

So, follow the steps we’ve given you above and take good care of your skin. Dedicate 3 minutes of your time to a quick college skincare routine and your skin will be thankful.

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