“Inside” Breast Implant

In vogue around the globe, breast enlargement by implants is requested more and more often, no matter the area of activity or the woman's budget. Did you think of this? Find out things you might not like after the surgery.

Bereast Implant Obtrusive Scars:

Silicone cushions are placed in the bottom of the breasts or cutting out carefully mammary areola. After the cuts, remain small discrete scars, but sometimes they get “complicated” by thick fibrous tissue, pinkish or white, which catch and draw healthy tissue around, grasping it. Therefore the breast becomes painful.

Definitive Drain:

Depending on the surgical method you choose, there is a risk that the mammary glands are affected by deterioration of those channels witch secret the milk. Later, milk production may be poor or even impossible.

Twins Insensitive:

Cutting delicate tissue can affect the nerves at that level, which is manifested by altering sensitivity: the mamelon no longer enhance the excitement or even remain numb, or a permanent excitation may appear, and nipples become very sensitive even in contact with clothes. Usually, after 6 months from the operation, the nerves restore and sensitivity returns to normal. But not always.

Without Mammography:

When you get close to 40 years old, it’s a good thing to do your regular mammogram (1, 2 years), because the risk of breast cancer begins to grow. If you filled your bust with implants, reading the analysis becomes very difficult, sometimes impossible. Silicons itself do not cause you any malignant tumor, but stop you preventing the development of those tumors which have already appeared.

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