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Each of us would like to live long and happily for more than 100 years! Unfortunately, not everyone can live till the extreme old age. Researchers proved that in 2017 the life expectancy in the world ranges from 50 to 89 years. Of course, these figures depend on different factors as living standard, ecology and so on… But there are also several easy ways how to keep healthy and as the result to prolong your life!

Let’s See What Habits Can Influence Our Longevity

Eat Local Food and Healthy Food

The best food for our organism that is full of vitamins and really fresh is undoubtedly the local food. It comes to our table without long way coming and it keeps all its useful qualities. You shouldn’t eat too much meat but you must consume a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish and olive oil instead which help you to boost your immunity and fight with any inflammations.

Drink Coffee and Tea During the Day

Coffee and tea are considered as the drinks linked to decreasing many chronic diseases.  For example, green tea may decrease the chance of developing heart disease and cancer. Coffee protects from brain and heart diseases, cancers and diabetes. Both coffee and tea increase the likelihood to influence the lifespan and prolong it.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is one of the most important and necessary habits that can help to increase the likelihood to live till 100 years. Just change a few things in your lifestyle: avoid smoking, keep the alcohol intake moderate and, of course, don’t overeat and soon you`ll see the positive effect on the quality of your life.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Even if you don’t have wheat allergy symptoms you should know that wheat and the wheat products are considered as the things that can harm your health and may increase disease risk. A lot of researchers adhere to the opinion that today’s wheat is not so useful and nutritious as that one which was used by our ancestry. That`s why wheat may be linked to different diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular system diseases and indigestion. Also, wheat increases the blood sugar level, it is the main cause of immunoreactive fractions and suppresses necessary vitamin and mineral assimilation and worsens the bowel state.

Train Your Body and Be Physically Active

Everyday exercise can be the best way to have a fountain of youth. Regular high-intensity exercises have the positive effect ability to live longer as constant training influences well on your mind, heart and metabolism processes.

Avoid Stress and Sleep Enough

Everybody knows that any stress harms our health and decrease our lifespan. Thus, if you find the ways to reduce stress levels you’ll have the chance to increase your longevity. One more thing concerning the problem of lifespan is enough sleep. Sleeping less than 5 – 7 hours per night is linked to a large risk of early death. To live till 100th anniversary everyone should sleep more than 8 – 9 hours. Of course, sleeping well can start at a very young age with a right mattress and a good sleeping cradle. 🙂

If you`d like to reach old age read carefully this article once more time and try to remember these simple but so useful things that help you to look at your great-grandchildren!

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