With all these “fashion weeks” surrounding us, we managed to take some notes about designer’s ideas when it comes to fashion for spring 2011.

With all these “fashion weeks” surrounding us, we managed to take some notes about designer’s ideas when it comes to fashion for spring 2011.

So, after taking notes from Paris Fashion week, where, the most eccentric show was presented by Jean Paul Gaultier, who invited a plus-sized model, Beth Ditto, to present one of his outfits, let’s move to New York Fashion week, where we burst into the pajama dressing style and the stunning bright white! Twice yearly, the Big Apple goes out of its way to welcome high-powered media moguls and Hollywood movie stars who come to see, or be seen, at one of the planet’s most celebrated fashion events that attracts over 100000 attendees.

When moving back to Europe, Milan Fashion Show embraced Prada as the best designer and it seems that all Miuccia Prada’s outfits were a real success in the fashion industry for the upcoming year. And last, but not least, London’s Fashion Week, Pam Hogg, was, by far the most interesting appearance. With her models wearing only chains, belts and purse-friendly chastity belts, she entered in a modern zone that nobody defeated!

Short idea on the prêt-a-porter collections, just a reminder of what you should focus on, when it comes to Spring 2011 fashion trends.

2011 Spring Fashion Trends:

1.    Jeans, wide-legs and flares are back.
2.    Biker fashion and everything included: biker leather jacket, motorcycle boots and pants. All leather! The trendsetter for this spring 2011 trend is without a doubt, Burberry, with its trench coats with subtle quilting and motorcycle jacket zips, red leather motorcycle pants and zipped motorcycle jacket sleeves.
3.    Sexy dolly lace! And when it comes to lace, you can wear blouses, skirts or dresses. The trendsetter for next year could be: Balmain. All about black sexy lace in its catwalk presentations.
4.    When it comes to accessories, it seems that we are beck in the 50’ and 60’s. Cat eye glasses, doesn’t matter sunglasses or eye glasses, just remember that generally speaking a cat eye frame with rounded-out edges will work wonders for a square face or diamond shaped face. And, the Clogs! Clogs with heels only. And you’ll be surprised by the multitude of textures they got! The sexiest we spotted are Chanel Clogs.

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