Instant Wrinkle Filler Treatment – Is It Safe to Use?

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Along with this race to the fountain of youth, wrinkle fillers and wrinkle filler creams were introduced in the anti-aging market and has, by now, attracted a mass and loyal following.

Wrinkle Fillers What?

Alright, first of all, wrinkle fillers come in two forms: ones that are injected, and ones that are topically applied.

Wrinkle filler injections are performed in specialist clinics.  The reason for injecting is quite simple.  The creases that show up as wrinkles on your skin’s surface are formed because of hollow spaces underneath your skin.  Quite frankly, that void region beneath your skin cannot be reached by topical applications alone.  That’s why skincare specialists prefer to use a syringe to deliver collagen or another wrinkle filler deeper into the skin, specifically targeting those void sections.

Once there, the injected filler fills up the emptiness and plumps up skin, instantly lifting skin and making wrinkles disappear.  Once you start on these injectable fillers, however, be ready for periodic visits to your skin clinic to have the procedure redone on you.  Other injected wrinkle fillers include Botox, fat transfers from your own body, and hyaluronic acid, among many others.

So, what are the potential side effects, you ask?  The US Food and Drug Administration assures the public that dermal fillers have been studied well and approved.  However, consumers and medical practitioners alike are still encouraged to take all possible precautions before injecting wrinkle fillers, including checking details such as the status of approval or certification, and even checking the expiration date.

With the growing popularity of injectable wrinkle fillers, along came fears that these may cause serious side effects in the future.  The manufacturers then found reason to introduce what have come to be branded as topical wrinkle fillers.  At their core, these are similarly formulated with your anti-wrinkle creams or ordinary moisturizers even.  The major rallying point for these products — the wrinkle-filling power of these creams without injection.

Quite frankly, you may be better off with anti-aging creams that do not brand their products as wrinkle fillers. Swanson CoQ10 Cream can be a viable and competent alternative that can potentially give you the same result that you can get from a topical wrinkle filler.

The trouble with these topical wrinkle fillers are the bold claims their makers are making about these product’s formulations being able to fill in the void created by wrinkles without injection. Quite frankly, skin is not as easy to penetrate by topically introduced formulations, so you have reason to be skeptical when a product claims to fill in the void that causes a wrinkle to appear.

Well, as for potential side effects, these products enjoy a better perception of safety compared to their injectable counterparts.  Still, many of these products contain potentially harmful and hazardous ingredients that may prove to be detrimental to the user’s overall health in the future.  These ingredients include the neurotoxic phenoxyethanol, hormone-mimicking parabens, and even the potentially carcinogenic PEGs.  But, then again, the presence of these harmful ingredients are not unique to topical wrinkle fillers.

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Aging skin requires special care — one that requires a closer look at your skin issues and the suitability of available solutions to your skin type.  While there may be a lot of fad surrounding skincare regimens, it’s easier to keep yours simple and straightforward if and when you know exactly why you’re using a product for.  With aging skin, keeping your beauty regimen simple can do more good in the long run.

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