Today’s article is about new fragrances, about where can you buy them and how much money you will spend…but most important it’s about the top 5 fragrances for this autumn.

Today’s article is about new fragrances, about where can you buy them and how much money you will spend…but most important it’s about the top 5 fragrances for this autumn.

Our recommendation for this autumn is to wear, strong, feminine perfumes, and choose them with your intuition not your eyes…because we all know that famous producers would do almost anything to catch your eyes.

Prada – L’Eau Ambree

This perfume is the reinvention of the oriental note far from any sweet connotation.

The perfume incorporates modernized amber, lemon and May rose essences. Base notes include patchouli, oppoponax and vanilla.

The fragrance is available as a deluxe edition in 80ml eau de perfume, along with standard packages: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml eau de perfume.

An accompanying assortment incorporates 200 ml bath and shower gel, body lotion, body cream and body powder.

You can find it here, and it costs around: 78 pounds (UK)

Valentino – Rock ‘n Dreams

As we all know, Valentino has a whole line for its Rock’n…passion. This is the fourth perfume, and it is targeted for younger consumers, even though, its smell might fool you. Its high notes are: cinnamon and peach, well…heart and base notes are: myrrhone, vetyver and vanilla.

It is good to know that you can buy the eau de perfume in the 30 ml, 50 ml or 90 ml size bottles, but, you can also choose for the 125 ml deodorant spray, 200 ml perfumed body lotion or 200 ml perfumed body gel (shower).

You can order it online here, and the price would be around: 53$

Giorgio Armani – Idole d’Armani

“Idole d’Armani” is a perfume launched this month. Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic created Idole, using  “top notes of  dazzling bitter orange, juicy pear, ginger and davana; middle notes of  audacious rose loukoum and mythical jasmine blended boldly with saffron absolute, creating a honey-colored subtle spicy note; and base notes of  unexpected styrax, patchouli and vetyver.” – this is a quote from D&G official web-site.

Giorgio Armani has chosen actress Kasia Smutniak to be the face of his new signature women’s fragrance “Idole d’Armani”.

This is an elegant perfume, with no extraordinary smell, you might be thinking of it for a while…but I think that’s it!

You can buy it from here, at around: 60$

Yves Saint Laurent – Parisienne

This product will be available in USA from October…unfortunately, even though it is released from late august 2009. This perfume is woody floral and it targets the 30 years old woman, mature and sensual. The newest feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent will be fronted by Kate Moss.

It contains notes of: damask rose, violet, peony, patchouli and vetyver, but also additional notes of cranberry, blackberry, musk and sandalwood.

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne will be available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml Eau de Toilette and body lotions, spray and shower gel.

You can buy it from here, at around: 60$

Dolce & Gabbana – Rose the One

The image of the perfume will be embodied by their favorite feminine beauty icon, Scarlett Johansson

It features notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin and cassis in the top; Bulgarian rose, peony, lily and litchi in the heart; vanilla, musk and amber in the base notes

It will be available as an eau de perfume in three sizes: 30-ml, 50 ml and 75 ml, body lotion 200-ml., shower gel 200 ml. and a 26 gram shimmer body powder.

You find it here, and it costs around: 78$

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