3 Eye Makeup Trends for 2010

Makeup artist applying eyeliner arrows on face. hand of woman using makeup brush

Trends change in make-up as they do in fashion… design and so on. Nude make-up would be a reinterpretation of perfection, but for 2010 designers voted NO for nude. Among designers and makeup artists we find new trends regarding eye makeup. I selected 3 of them and, if you are a daring girl, go ahead and try them, starting… NOW! It will be WOW :).


Maybe I will surprise you, but summer brings to the light white colors applied on lower eyelid for brightness. Giambatista Valli initiated this trend, difficult to adapt on a daily basis in my opinion. I recommend you try to apply white pencil on the lower eyelid before applying the eye shadow powder with matte texture. If you were the “nude makeup” addicted kind of woman, well, this a great opportunity for you to mix the new trends with the old fashioned ones. Because you can combine white with beige, and there you go, upper eyelid colored in nude pink, peach, beige and lower eyelid, sketched in white.

Eye Liner – Black Ink

We can all see that once the winter collections are already out of date, the RTW (ready to wear) collections for summer 2010, offer us glamour show, when talking about eye makeup… Cavalli used this trend to complete his Spring Resort collection 2010. I recommend you start with eyeliner if you don’t have the necessary skills to draw a perfect line with ink or liquid ink. Otherwise, choose a brush with pencil-type top. Use the eyeliner as much as you want, nobody will blame you, because it is a real trendsetter, but be careful to adapt the catwalk make-up to your daily routine.

Glitter My Baby!

I am happy to present you the Disco period! Glitter, the one you’ve been hiding for so long in your drawer, became 2010 must-have.

On the podium, is often associated with smoky brown, blue or black. I recommend you also a rough rose, pink or caramel, and you can choose a blush on terracotta tones that stand out. But beware: makeup with glitter is reserved for evenings (especially the club), with the air of ’80s disco, long celebrated in autumn-winter season 2009-2010.

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