Best Type of Eyeliner for Beginners

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So, if until now your sister or your friend picked the eyeliner for you, it’s time to learn a few tricks to pick the right eyeliner for you, next time. Your choice will depend on the manufacturer, brands, and varieties.

Liquid Liner (Brush Tip or Felt Tip)

One of the longest lasting and effective eyeliner which allows you to get a quick party glossy look. Liquid liner is tube based and is good for drawing thin, wispy lines – however it does take some practice. If you press down on the brush hard enough they can be used to create thicker lines. Just play with it!

Pencil Liner

Is one the greatest and also best for beginners. It’s a cross between a Kajal (a dry formula) and a Kohl eyeliner (a creamy formula). If there is any type of eyeliner you should have in your makeup bag it should be a regular pencil eyeliner because it’s so versatile. This type of liner is safe and easy to use, you can practice a lot with a pencil liner to get along with various looks but it can get you also gorgeous looks, combined with the right face makeup. Pencil liner gives you the chance to test, adjust, play or make eyelid color whenever you like to use and change. So it’s important for a beginner to use the best pencil eyeliner.

Gel Liner

Is good for a quick and easy job. But be careful that it is made of wax and is waterproof so, it’s not easy to take it off if you make a mistake. It can give you quick gorgeous view look, whenever you want. Gel liner comes within a pot and you need to use very carefully to ensure better long lasting result with beautiful looking eyelids.

Eyeshadow Liner

This one is the most important to get best results and also helps you to keep the desired liner on your eyelids longer. If you use your eyeshadow that fits your face and skin, your makeup will improve from average to best!

So, this are the main types of eyeliners that you, as a beginner need to know. But, to apply those correctly, you need to master the right techniques for your face shape and your type of skin. This quick tip introduced you to the basic tools for eye lining, but to start with the right tools, check our other product reviews.

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