What are nails? Well…we may say that are one thing that differentiates us from men :) because we like them long and colorful...most of the time. Learn to keep them healthy, good looking.

What are nails? Well…we may say that are one thing that differentiates us from men 🙂 because we like them long and colorful. But, a nail, is part of our skin, made of keratin (it is the same protein that our skin and hair have).

We want to teach you how to take good care of your nails, at home, because, nail color offers you clues about your health level. For example, one of the most common illnesses is called: Psoriasis. This kind of disease mostly affects the skin from our face, and joints. Follow the color of your nails. If you are healthy, and the nails are healthy also, they should be transparent maybe turning to light pink. If you suffer from Psoriasis you will see pits in your finger nails.

Other diseases that you should look after: cell carcinoma, nail tumor – produced by HPV and any kind of fungal infection. You can recognize these if you have itches at the nail level, or if your nails get a yellow color, also if you see any small imperfections on their surface. Brittle nails can be produced if you suffer from thyroid diseases.

Tips for keeping your nails strong, healthy and good looking:

  • Don’t bite your nails. This thing leads to severe problems with your teeth and can cause nail infection.
  • Cuticles should be moisturized with Vaseline all the time. Cuticle growth can be controlled with a cuticle softener or remover liquid.
  • Try to make time for your home manicure after you took a nice hot bath. This will remove dirt from under your nails and so you can cut and clean them easily. Try this: put the juice from half a lemon into warm water and dip your finger nails in it. In this way you will clean your cuticles and nails in no time!
  • Apply a top coat daily if you don’t have a colored manicure, or use a strengthener.
  • Avoid the acetone nail polish remover! Harms your nails!
  • If you want to preserve your nail polish longer, keep it in the refrigerator.
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