How to Use the Gel Nail Polish for Your Manicure – The Right Way

Well manicured hands are a style card for an elegant woman, so it is a mandatory requirement for a beautiful and respected person. Let's see how the gel nail polish can help you with that.
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There are so many cosmetic products to choose from for your manicure. After cleaning your hands and nails, nail paint is applied in the process of manicure to get you nails a more attractive look. If you have chosen the right nail polish, it will surely make a difference and gel nail polish is the latest trend. It is different from the normal nail polish in various aspects.

About the Gel Nail Polish

It is a kind of nail polish that is soft and gentle on the natural nails. It is made up of acrylic monomers and oligomers which get hardened on exposure to the UV rays. This type of nail polish does not need any other source for getting dry. You may use a LED light source for drying up the nail paint, but it will take considerably more time than drying under the UV rays. Applying the gel nail polish gives you long-lasting manicured nails. There is no need to worry about the chipped off nail paint from your natural nails.

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Quick Dry With the Help of UV Rays

The gel-based nail polish has this ingredient called a photo initiator and is able to absorb the light and convert it into the energy. This energy is then used for the polymerization process. The interlocking chains of the polymers contained in the gel polish harden the gel, thus, a hard layer is formed. It prevents smudging, cracking and denting of the nail polish.

Long Wear Nail Polish

Like the normal nail polishes, gel nail polishes are available in uncountable colors. You can easily pick up the nail paint of your favorite color. Best gel nail polish does not get chipped off easily like the normal nail polishes. To make this type of nail polish long lasting, make sure that your nails are fully dried before applying the nail paint. When you need to remove the gel-based nail paint, you should visit the salon or use the gel nail polish remover only.

Get the Manicured Nails With the High Shine Effect

When you apply the latest gel-based nail paint, you don’t have to put your nails under the UV source. The presence of high reflection resin system helps in maintaining the ultra-glossy effect on your nail.  You can even get some attractive nail art done on your manicured nails to make your nails look beautiful and attractive. 

Buy the Gel Nail Polish Kit

To help the women to save a lot of money on the salon manicure, you have the option to buy the nail polish kit. This type of kit is easily available in the market and you can easily use it at your home. Gel nail polish kit mainly includes different colors of gel nail paints with applicator brush, base coat, top coat, gel nail paint remover, nail cleansing pad and a few more items which vary from one brand kit to another.

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