Tips for getting the desired manicure and practical advice about how to get stronger nails, whitening your nails, storing the nail polish, wearing the nail polish according to your skin tone.

What is nail polish after all? According to, nail polish (nail varnish) is a lacquer applied to toenails and fingernails for appearance, but also as nail protection. Polishing without adding chemical layers is called nail buffing.

Now, this article will present some short tips that will help you get the perfect manicure you dreamed of and, in the same time will offer you practical information about nail polish, home made nail polish, how to whiten your nails or how to make them stronger.

Get Stronger Nails

  • Try touching up your nail polish more often instead of entirely removing your polish every time you want to fix a nail. Nail polish remover dries out your nails leaving them brittle and weak.
  • Provide your nails with lots of extra moisture. No matter how careful you are, your nails will get dried out during the course of daily life. Try messaging cuticle or olive oil into your nails and cuticles. For extra dry nails, put moisturizer on hands at night, concentrating on the finger nail area. Then put on cotton gloves over the moisturizer. Remove in the morning and enjoy softer hands and stronger nails.

Avoid Nail Splitting

  • Avoid filing them as much as possible, and when you have to, file in one direction only. Don’t bend your nails forth and back. Use gloves when washing dishes and doing other household chores. Keep exposure to harsh chemicals at a minimum, especially bleach.

Don’t Cut Out the Cuticles!

  • This is not a good idea. You better not cut your cuticles calluses. These are your body’s armor. The cuticle protects the nails from infection, and the calluses give you shock absorbers. When you cut them, they will grow back thicker and harder, and possibly create an infection. The best way to care for your cuticles is to apply good quality cuticle oil and gently push them back with a orange-wood stick.

Whiten Your Nails (home Made Treatment)

  • Brushing with a paste of lemon juice with baking soda. An effective method is to mix some lemon juice and baking soda and blend them into an abrasive paste. After which, use an old toothbrush and coat it with the paste and start to brush your nails. The yellowish stains on the nails will vanish! Not completely but about 80%. However, your nails will be a lot rougher because of the abrasiveness.

What Color of Nail Polish to Wear According to Your Skin Tone

  • White skin: red nail polish or burgundy with yellow shimmer to give hot effect, soft effect at your skin, but you can apply yellow nail polish or shimmer.
  • Medium tone skin: purple nail polish or plum or wine. To make your beauty hand fresh you can choose shimmer or silver to apply on it.
  • Dark skin tone: you should wear intense glossy colors, like fuchsia, turquoise, white or, the classy French.

The Best Place to Keep the Nail Polishes

  • Don’t store polish in a warm place as the polish will change consistency. Contrary to popular belief, it is a good idea to store it in the refrigerator.

How to Wear Black Nail Polish

  • The black color is very strict to the manicure itself. It requires an irreproachable style in make up, hair do and clothes. The black nail polish can be applied only onto the short nails.

How To?… Ways to Create a Flawless Manicure

  • The secret to keeping nails from smudging: Dry time! Surfaces will feel dry to the touch after 10 minutes, but don’t be fooled. It actually takes an entire hour for nails to completely dry.
  • To make the chip-resistant nail enamels last longer, submerge your freshly painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water for 30 seconds.
  • While running for the car, you will just need five seconds to put a wide stripe of a quick-drying nail varnish down the center and you are ready to go!
  • If your nail polish has chipped to an extent that touch ups are of no use, better use the remover rather than trying to hide it under a coat of nail paint that makes the texture of your nails took uneven.
  • It’s important to wipe nails with a nail polish remover before applying polish even if you aren’t wearing polish. Why? Oils left on the nail (like the hand cream or lip balm) will keep polish from sticking.

One more thing: it’s a goo idea to mach your nail shape to your personality 😉

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