5 Pants a Lady Needs in Her Wardrobe to Complete Her Style

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The pants are the attire most worn today by women in western culture, because they can show both a seductive look, but are very comfortable. Although sparked controversy in the early 1800s when they were first worn by a woman, the trousers made their way on ladies wardrobe since then. In 1930s Coco Chanel was the first woman designer who created and worn pants, thus introducing a new relaxed style, so the women could choose something else than those boring (at the time) and common corsets and long skirts.

Nowadays is very easy to wear pants mostly because the diversity of styles, materials and colors, even due to the variety of brands that creates them. Blame it on cold winter days, or unwaxed legs (we all had that excuse), but believe me, you can’t really wear dresses and skirts every single day no matter how much of a girly girl you are. Okay, I can understand that you’re not a self-proclaimed “pants” girl, but Lady, having these five essential trousers types in your wardrobe will ensure that when you decide to let your skirts rest for a while and wear a suit of pants, you may very well be comfortable and look fabulous at the same time.

Five Types of Pants to Complete Your Style

Palazzo Pants

You are looking for a great evening look, but not so fond of the idea of wearing a dress or skirt that night? Definitely, you need to take a lesson from classic Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn and pick up a pair of palazzo pants, the perfect antidote for those contemporary skinny jeans, and the best solution for an elegant, strongly and different look, without a dress or a skirt. So, why don’t you let your feet breathe in a palazzo pants, I’m sure they will be grateful to you. Wear them with high heels or platform sole. Be gorgeous, my girl, you deserve it!




Bold and Brightly Coloured Pants

Take a look in your wardrobe! What do you see? Black pants, gray, bleumarin, brown, maybe a white pair of pants. OMG, it’s absolutely boring and for sure, your closet needs vivid colors, you need some color in your life, for sure. Choose pants on yellow, green, coral, pink, any colour you want. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with that in spring, summer or early autumn times!

The brightly coloured pants are a chic and voguish piece of clothes that is extremely versatile for wearing with casual outfits. They look good with almost everything, starting from white, bold, loud color and print tops to classic dark hue tops. My personal love is the chambray shirt that looks simple, but if you try it on with your favorite coloured skinnies, then I guarantee you will have a perfect appeal for a polished street walk.



Jeans (the Denim Trousers)

Versatile, stylish and comfortable, jeans can be worn successfully in casual wear, smart casual, club, urban chic, sport-chic and rock. Dare to be outside the scope of convenience and create daring outfits. Combine a pair of Denim pants with a simple T-shirt for a fresh look, or you can choose a precious top to be a sexy lady. Whatever you will wear the jeans will help you to get that attitude which makes you stronger and safe. Dare to be strong, fresh and sexy in the same time!




Office-Appropriate Trousers / Formal Trousers

Ladies, let your legs take centre-stage in a pair of trousers even if you are at office. Style your trousers in various ways to achieve different results. Stock your wardrobe with a variety of cool trousers to look as chic in office, as you do at a glamourous party. Look fabulous and let’s show to men that a woman can be smart and beautiful!





Leggings Pants

With its promise of comfort and variety, leggings are your perfect choice for every day, on-the move outfits, for an outdoor party or a clubbing night (the shiny leather version). Every girl must own a pair of leggings just like a pair of high heels! Leggings are a good replacement for denim.

They don’t just break the monotony, but give you a quick makeover. How? You can pair a leather leggings with an oversized upper to offset the tightness of the leggings, and guess what? You have a perfect look for a girls ride. You can also wear them with a pretty top so you go girl, you are ready to party all night long!

Don’t worry, if you like to do more exercise at the gym and you want to be the same seductive girl, then here’s what you looking for. A pair of sport leggings with a top or a simple T-shirt can make a great job. So easy, isn’t?

You see, it is so easy to be absolutely fabulous, seductive and stylish and moreover feminine, even if you don’t wear a dress or a skirt. We are also strong enough as men are, so why don’t we wear the pants? Dare it, ladies! We have the beauty, we are smart, we have the power! Now, we have also the pants thanks to all those wonderful women who defended them. Let’s remember the women who made the pants history:

  • The trousers were wore first by women belonging to the northern tribes.
  • Elizabeth Smith Miller is known as the first woman who wore pants in 19th century.
  • The writer George Sand violated all prohibitions: she wore men’s clothes, including tie and vest, rode and fought against the prejudices of men.
  • Actress Sarah Bernhardt was the first woman in trousers marched through Paris in 1890, defying social conventions.
  • In 1930’s the famous woman designer Coco Chanel created and wore the first pair of pants in a fashion show.
  • Charline Arthur was the first singer in the world who refused to obey the rules in the 50s and wore pants during his performance on stage.
  • Susan Molinari, Congressman from New York, has outraged public opinion when violated the dress code of the White House, wearing pants during a speech to the Chamber Representative.

So, girls, let’s complete our style with a proper pair of pants, it’s easy to be feminine in pants, also.

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