How to Look Fresh After a Memorable Night

Did you just get home this morning and hardly hear the alarm? Do you have the impression that you have just gotten into bed and that you already have to wake up? Ah, but it was worth the last night - how much fun, how fun! Oh and what muscular fatigue you have! Here is what I propose you to do to look fresh, so that no one can read tireness on your face!
  • Stay in bed for 5 minutes stretching often: grab your hands back and pull to straighten your vertebrae;
  • Raise one leg straight and then bend it in the air;
  • Rotate your head a few times and twist;
  • A colder shower will energize you;
  • Use a shower gel to make a lot of foam, will relax you enormously;
  • Wash your face with cold water – it will revive your complexion;
  • Use a facial tonic, especially in summer, it will help you not to sweat;
  • While you’re dressing up play an uplifting tune that you like – you’ll get a smile and an excellent state of mind;
  • Cut 2 slices of cucumber, put them in the freezer for 5-7 minutes and then apply them to your eyes for 5 minutes – they do wonders! Use a darker concealer to fade the lighter skin from fatigue;
  • Concealer, but a shade lighter than the foundation;
  • Opt for an lighter color eye shadow: pink, beige, but great is white pearl – darker colors will emphasise your eyes out, but make them look more tired!
  • Use a blush of pink color – it will give a little color to your face and will brighten it;
  • I do not recommend a matt or dark lipstick in such cases, a natural gloss will give you a fresh, summerish look (beige, pink, light violet)
  • You don’t have time to wash your head and have a ruffled hair? Opt for a sleek hairstyle – if you have it long, get it with several pliers, preferably slightly colored, so you can leave some rebels alongside. Try not to clutch it too hard or stretch it;
  • To emphasize the accessories, I recommend you longer earrings with some pebbles and a matching necklace that will attract the attention – plus you will look glamourous!
  • Uses a very little scent, or just a scented body cream, and a fresh perfume – fatigue can create a discomfort during the day, and a sweet fragrance can worsen the situation;
  • Dress lightly, with something light or colorful, cheerful; totally avoid: gray, dark green, brown, black, purple, navy;
  • Avoid very tight clothes and heels – will create a total discomfort;

And don’t forget to wear a nice smile!

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