How to Look Fresh After a Memorable Night

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  • Stay in bed for 5 minutes stretching often: grab your hands back and pull to straighten your vertebrae;
  • Raise one leg straight and then bend it in the air;
  • Rotate your head a few times and twist;
  • A colder shower will energize you;
  • Use a shower gel to make a lot of foam, will relax you enormously;
  • Wash your face with cold water – it will revive your complexion;
  • Use a facial tonic, especially in summer, it will help you not to sweat;
  • While you’re dressing up play an uplifting tune that you like – you’ll get a smile and an excellent state of mind;
  • Cut 2 slices of cucumber, put them in the freezer for 5-7 minutes and then apply them to your eyes for 5 minutes – they do wonders! Use a darker concealer to fade the lighter skin from fatigue;
  • Concealer, but a shade lighter than the foundation;
  • Opt for an lighter color eye shadow: pink, beige, but great is white pearl – darker colors will emphasise your eyes out, but make them look more tired!
  • Use a blush of pink color – it will give a little color to your face and will brighten it;
  • I do not recommend a matt or dark lipstick in such cases, a natural gloss will give you a fresh, summerish look (beige, pink, light violet)
  • You don’t have time to wash your head and have a ruffled hair? Opt for a sleek hairstyle – if you have it long, get it with several pliers, preferably slightly colored, so you can leave some rebels alongside. Try not to clutch it too hard or stretch it;
  • To emphasize the accessories, I recommend you longer earrings with some pebbles and a matching necklace that will attract the attention – plus you will look glamourous!
  • Uses a very little scent, or just a scented body cream, and a fresh perfume – fatigue can create a discomfort during the day, and a sweet fragrance can worsen the situation;
  • Dress lightly, with something light or colorful, cheerful; totally avoid: gray, dark green, brown, black, purple, navy;
  • Avoid very tight clothes and heels – will create a total discomfort;

And don’t forget to wear a nice smile!

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