Finding the Top Designer One Piece Swimsuits

Easy tips for shopping swimsuit brands
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Life has become all about image, the best outfits, the latest fad diet, or being in the right place at the right time, and things seem to get heated when summer rolls around. We begin detoxes, drinking copious amounts of water, and the fitness center significantly increases in foot traffic in the months leading up to the high season.

There is a demographic who live for the blazing sun, skin cocoa brown from hours on the sand and splashing in the near-transparent waters, and a glow that emanates ‘island life.’ I sit on my neatly laid out towel, Pina colada going down a treat with pineapple in tow and watch the kids scream and shout as the waves break on their ankles thrilling them to no end. Priceless joy. 

If the mere word of a cool cocktail got your taste buds whirring as mine just did, take a sneak peek at this quick and easy recipe here  and give yourself a well-deserved treat, life can get busy so a minute to ourselves is nothing to feel guilty about.

Usually, I would be the mom covered in sunscreen from head to toe, add to that a semi-sheer beach dress, kaftan vibe ensemble, and Bob’s your uncle. However, these days I haven’t been as ‘prudish’ as my girlfriends like to tease, and venturing out more on the style side of the fence.

Browsing the net as the kids drifted off to dreamland, hubby engrossed in football on the couch, I was drawn into a website that looked effortlessly chic. The women seemed to float around the pages in an air of weightlessness, the clothing and suits draped and fitted picture-perfectly over their physics, and all I knew then was I needed to look like that.

I browsed countless designs, styles, and colors each more beautiful than the next, and I wanted them all. 

If an encounter like this is something you have or have wanted to experience then click to this page and get your slice of heaven. You can guess I purchased a pretty ‘outfit,’ if you could call a swimwear that, and this brings us back to reality with toes covered in brown sand and seashells and an air of confidence I hadn’t shown before. I felt on top of the world, bathing suit and all.

Boutique vs High Street vs Off the Shelf.

Each essentially is self-explanatory statements but we will delve a touch further into each to get a better understanding of what we need to be aware of and lookout for the next time we venture out to the shops.

When it comes to those tucked away, hidden gems of shops you need to either have strolled upon accidentally or been told about, you are guaranteed to be purchasing a limited edition garment if not one of a kind.

Boutiques, educated description in this link, have an eloquence that can be daunting if you’re not sure of yourself, and often we walk past without giving them a chance for fear of rejection.

But they aren’t as overly priced as you may think and last season stock on sale is pretty reasonably priced if you’re an old run of the mill gal like me, it could be last century stock for all you know, but if it’s pretty and I can afford it, boutique bag here I come.

High street brands, while not top dollar clothing, they are still in the above-average price range and gives you just that little step up from the rest of the crowd without having to remortgage your home to keep up with the Jones’s. Stock is rotated quickly so if you see something you like, buy it.

Then there are the usual big mall shopping centers where every person seems to be carrying the same store bag, the items are popular but also common, good for a one-off or children, but looking for something tailored to your personality will need that bit extra to set you apart.

It can be easy getting caught up in a fashion trend and that’s fine for once in a while, but my advice for those who care is to shop less but shop well.

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