3 Hair Styling Tools for Your Trip

Whether it is to look well before going on a romantic dinner in the beach, or just to be ready for unexpected situations – the following tools won’t disappoint you.
3 Hair Styling Tools for Your Trip

One of the hardest parts of departing from home to a new place for a few days, weeks or months, is to know which hair tools bring and which ones to leave. But as we know, most hair tools tend to be large and sturdy, sometimes too much so they won’t fit in your suitcase. So you end up leaving most of them back home.

But because we know you’ll need them wherever you go, especially if it is for a long time – here we bring three of the best travel-sized tools to go on a trip with. Whether it is to look well before going on a romantic dinner in the beach, or justto be ready for unexpected situations – the following tools won’t disappoint you. 

Compact Hair Irons

Some people like to bring their favoritelipstick, their trusted nail polish, and their most useful skin-care routine. But they all fit inside a bag easily. What doesn’t fit so easilyis a hair iron. These useful yet large devices tend to save you a lot of time and effort when having to making your hair look amazing. 

Especially when you have both a flat and curlingiron, going from a date-worthy appearance to boasting your most elegant or serious persona is a piece of cake. But without the right products, traveling with them can be impossible. To fix that, here we bring two small options you shouldn’t dismiss:

Conair Mini-Pro Cordless Iron – Curl

Conair is undoubtedly among the best hair product brands out there, and the Mini-Pro iron is an excellent example of that. Not only is it amazing because it offers up to 419 º F of temperature which makes hair-styling fast and easy, but also because it is completely cordless.

Sometimes you are in places where there’s no outlet, and that can be a problem. Luckily, this one doesn’t need any of that. It uses ThermaCELL butane cartridges so you can get rid of AC connections, frizz and static hair all at the same time. It is also straightforward to use and fits inside any suitcase or purse without problems. 

T3 Singlepass Compact Iron – Flat

When you just want to get rid of messy hair and achieve a graceful look, a flat iron always comes useful – especially when it comes to the T3 Singlepass. While it is one of the costliest options in the market, this whitey iron is one of the most useful to make your hair look amazing.

Measuring only eight inches in size, you will obtain an incredible product in its entirety. Add the fantasticdual-voltage function and heat-resistant level cap, and you’ll receive a smalliron that makes operation reliable in every way.

Using it will be a piece of cake too, not only because it is pretty small but because it comes with an 8-foot swivel cord that allows excellentmovement and prevents tangling. And to avoidburning anything where you go, it will automatically shut off after an hour. 

Small Blow Dryers

It is common to find blow dryers in hotel rooms and touristic accommodation places – yet not all of them will offer one. So, if you want to avoid a situation where a blow dryer can save you lots of time and effort but you don’t haveany to use – then you can bring your own. For us, a travel-sized blow dryer is an excellentidea for any trip, even short ones. The following options won’t disappoint you:

Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Hair Dryer

The Drybar ButterCupis a blow dryer for those who want a uniquely usefulproduct. Speciallydesigned for travel accommodation, this dual-voltage option with two heat settings and ionic technology will make your experience far more convenient when traveling.

You can even fold it and place it in your handbag without problems. And if you don’t have where to store it when on the trip, you can use its own pouch that’s not only pretty handy but also provides a beautifultouch.

Capable of delivering up to 1250 watts of drying power, you’ll receive a useful enough dryer for even the moment when you have to get ready in a matter of five minutes. That’s how powerful it is. Oh, let’s also not forget that it offers a 2-year warranty – so you get exceptional reliability. 

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

There’s not more to say about the Tourmaline Titanium dryer than it is entirelystraightforward to use, and superbly handy at all times. You won’t be under heat damage at any moment, and thanks to its compact design you can store it even in the smallest purse easily.

The dryer comes with a dual-voltage design and offers a foldable handle to reduce carrying space. And for results, it is known to leave the hair shiny and free of any static. Delivering 1000 watts of power, it is not the most powerful but enough for most situations. 

Travel Hair Brushes

Whether you need to use it on the road, to fix a piece of messy hair in a short trip to the bathroom, or to get rid of annoying tangling before doing an exciting activity – having a hairbrushin your bag is always a must. Luckily for you, hair brushes also come in compact designs which mean you can bring one wherever you go without having to waste your suitcase space – here are two great options to consider:

Sephora Mini Thermal Ceramic Brush

Not many people know about them, but thermal brushes can save you in a lot of situations when you need to dry up your hair very quickly. While it doesn’t work as effectively as a blow dryer, a ceramic brush with thermal capacity allows you to not only brush your hair free of static but also to get rid of moisture that can be pretty annoying.

You can use it before going out, before going to bed, or just to get rid of useless wetness or frizz. Completely budget-friendly and small enough to fit anywhere – this fabulous brush will not be a product you’ll regret buying. 

Drybar Lil’ Lemon Drop Daily Detangler to Go Brush

Everyone suffers from tangling, especially the driest and thickest manes out there. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to resign yourself to having messy hair at all times. Use the DrybarLil’ Lemon Drop Daily Detangler, andyou’ll forget about tangles on your travels.

Maybe the smallest tool in the whole list, you can even carry it in a small tote or purse. You won’t evenremember that you have it until you need it. That’s how small and useful it is. 

So, are you ready to prepare your baggage for your next trip? Then don’t hesitate and get one of these fantastictravel-sized products to take care of your hair. You won’t believe how useful they can be, especially in the least expected situations. Go and get one now!

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