Get beautiful overnight

Yes, you can have the silky skin you dreamed of, those great eyes, sexy lips and you can look stunning, in the morning! Night after night! It is enough to try some simple things that we shall show you!

Repair daily damage
During the night, your body strives to recover, being exposed daily to harmful sources of the atmosphere: smoke, dust, pollution. You can enhance this process if you apply some antioxidants creams, which act on the process of cell renewal.

A nap gets you rid of wrinkles…

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  • And if you use the right cream you can have even grater results. Evening is the best opportunity to use anti-wrinkle creams, because ingredients, like retinol, are less effective when exposed to the sun, so, their magic moment is at night.
  • If you can substantially reduce the chance of wakening up in the morning with swollen eyes and irritated face. How? Use a cream with yeast extract – encourages lymphatic drainage and strengthens blood vessel walls at cellular level.[singlepic id=352 h=120 float=left]
  • Put an eye mask. It happens often, while sleeping, to rub your eyes, leading to the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Farewell!!! Pimples! Apply a thick layer of anti-acne treatment at night. The product will have greater time to act, to resolve the problem.

Get out of bed in a sexy body

  • [singlepic id=350 h=170 float=right]Massage your skin with a “smart” self tanning product, which won’t leave any marks on those great white sheets!
  • Take good care of your hands; apply hand cream while watching the movie you like, or while you relax, so you won’t fill everything with greasy cream. If you want, you can apply the well-known trick with gloves, but it is not compulsory (it can happen that your palms sweat a lot)
  • If you want top-model feet, forget about depilating in the morning! That is when you’re in a hurry and you may cut yourself if you use the blade. Save this operation for evenings. Then apply a rich moisturizing cream. This is the best thing to do at night, because you give time to your body to assimilate the products.
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