Simple but Classy Women’s Hairstyles for 2017

Feel like it’s time to refresh your look? Getting a new haircut or changing your daily hairstyle around is a great way to brighten your look and help you feel like a completely new person.
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In 2017, women’s hair trends are full of innovative, yet classy ideas that add plenty of oomph to your look without forgetting about elegance. So, look at the ideas and pick your favourites to try in 2017.

Side Braid

Braids continue to be a big hit in 2017 and if you have long or medium-long hair, you definitely want to do some braiding. The trick this year is to have the braid fall on either side of your face, instead of a normal back braid. There are plenty of great online tutorials for creating elaborate braids. In terms of the products, Caviar Style Grit is worth using, as it can give a big more control to other styling products, making hair taming easier. The product is available from Look Fantastic.

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid Waves

If you have a long hair, then 2017 is to year to let it loose and add volume with mermaid waves. You can do it at home with a few simple steps. First, add thermal protection to your hair, such as the Kerastase Discipline Treatment. Then wrap sections of the hair around a medium or large curling wand. Use a product aimed at providing texture for hair and finish it off with a flexible hold spray, such as the Aveda Control Force hairspray.

Curly Bob

Bob is a classy hairstyle that every woman should consider trialling at some point in her life. Instead of leaving it straight, you should opt for a slight curl this season. When picking the curls, keep it wavy and big. If you want your bob to be a bit more flexible, you can skip getting long lasting curls and opt to curl your hair at home. The Babyliss Pro Ceramic curling tong is a great product for using at home and getting beautiful wavy curls.

Bevelled Under

For a medium to short hair, a bevelled look can work well this year. The look is chic and elegant and super simple to maintain. You just need to style parts of your hair to curl inwards and outwards at the other end. Good styling products, such as Paul Mitchell’s collection are a must-have for this look.

Androgynous Look

If you have a short to semi-short hair, you should add some spice to your hairstyle with an androgynous look. This adds a lot of sex appeal to your look, but it has a very classy finish to it as well. For the androgynous look to work, you should create a defined and clean part line on either side of your head. Blow dry the hair on top of the head upwards with a proper stylish brush, such as Remington’s rotating hair styler. From the sides, you want to blow dry the hair downwards and keep it flat and tight. Finish off with a strong hairspray. The Aveda Brilliant Damage Control from House of Fraser is among our favourites.

The Classy Colours for 2017

Finally, you might also want to pair some of the above looks with a fresh hair colour. When it comes to colouring your hair this season, a few colours fit the simple and classy description better than others. Brown ombre is a must have for the classy ladies out there. With a soft undertone of red and you’ll add a bit more playfulness to the classic colour. Kerry Washington is a great example of the kind of look you want to go for with the brown ombre. If you are up for it, you can go for a fiery red. The brighter and clearer, the better your red hair colour will look. If you need inspiration, look up Isla Fisher and her stunning red locks. For the blonde lovers out there, a creamy blond hair with splashes of brown roots is going to rock in 2017. You definitely want the blond colour to be softened with a bit of brown, with multi-tone blondes also working well this season. Finally, an all-time classic continues to colour women’s hairs this year and that’s strawberry blonde. The beautiful and elegant colour is especially great for the mermaid curls. If you want to skip a trip to a hair specialist, home colours from Loreal and Garnier can provide you a stylish finish. You can shop for hair colours, curlers, hair care products and dryers online with various stores at HotUKSavings offering plenty of discounts; which can keep your look up-to-date without draining your bank account.

If you want to freshen your style and have a bit of fun this year, the above hairstyles will help you do so. The styles offer something for short and long lengths and you can easily swap between the looks. If you want a complete overhaul of your hairstyle, check out the classy colours as well.

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