How to Save Money by Getting Lash Extensions

When getting their lash extensions done women tend to worry a lot about their bank account. Although they are a luxury and an excellent addition to the face, lash extensions are not as expensive as you would think so. In fact, you can save some money if you get them done and if you obey the right rules.

How to Save Money?

Ditch Your Mascara

Saying bye to your favorite mascara might be hard at first, but later on, you will notice that it is the right decision. So, when you get your extensions, you can stop with the usage of your everyday favourite and high-end mascara. When having extensions on, you won’t need any mascara at all! This means that you will be saving at least one mascara per month, every month when you get your extensions. Mascaras can range anywhere from $3-30, based on the brand and the place of your shopping.

Goodbye Fake Lashes

Women who don’t have long, fluffy, or voluminous natural lashes know the struggle of applying fake strip lashes on an everyday basis. Waking up early in the morning to apply some lashes is a struggle. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 takes to get them done right and for them to set properly, and this can get really annoying, and can be time-consuming. Also, think about all the lashes that you will be saving after getting extensions. You won’t need to purchase your favorite Ardell, Morphe, Lilly or Huda Beauty lashes for quite some time. This is great news since lashes can range anywhere from $5-$30. Imagine wearing a new lash pair every day throughout the week, or imagine losing some of your favorite lashes at one point- expenses everywhere! This luxury can cost you over $100 per month, based on your taste and lash preference.

No Need for Lash Glue

You can’t have fake lashes without the right type of glue. Unfortunately, lash glue is not the easiest item to purchase, and it does not come with your strip lashes. Often, lash glue is quite expensive and hard to find, especially if you have sensitive eyes or if you are on a search for a vegan and cruelty-free option. If you end up getting lash extensions, you will be saving at least $10 per one month, based on the lash glue that you’ve purchased.

Eyeliner Illusion

As you probably know it by now, once you get your extensions you will get the eyeliner illusion over your lid. The reason behind this is because the thickness of the set and the black color will give out a fuller lash line illusion, as well as the black liner illusion. By getting permanent lash extensions, you will not need any liner above the lashes, maybe just a bit in the corner if you want to wing it down at the end. However, think about all the money and time that you will be saving due to this method and lash extensions in general. Your everyday makeup routine will be a lot faster and more precise. Also, think about the money that you will be saving on your liner. Gel, liquid or ink liners tend to go from $4-40! You will be saving at least one eyeliner per month.

Makeup-Removing Products

You know how removing makeup sometimes gets difficult, not to mention expensive? Women who have heavy makeup, as well as eye makeup routine, know how difficult it can get to remove their much-loved and needed waterproof products. Taking off mascara, eyeliner, or even residue of the lash glue is extremely hard, especially if you’ve gone heavy with the appliance. With eyelash extensions, there is no need for any heavy or mattifying eye makeup, so this makes the whole removal process a lot easier. Also, you don’t have to buy expensive gels or cleansers; you can simply purchase the one that is not oil-based and remove all the unwanted excess. However, your everyday makeup removing method probably costs you at least $20 per one month, and this is without your q-tips, cotton, towels etc.

So, Saving Money Is Not to You!

In the end, your total comes up to a little less than $200. Compared to lash extensions which typically range anywhere from 50-100$, this seems like a pretty good deal and investment. Lash extensions can last you anywhere from 3-5 weeks, and once they fall out all you need to do is refill them at your favorite and previously visited lash salon. Another great news is the fact that your next salon visitation is going to be half the price than your first one. This is because your lash esthetician is going to work with a lot less material than they did in the first place. Just make sure you find the place that suits you the best, that is nearby, and that has qualified staff.

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