Circle Lenses, Hot or Not?

First there was nature. The nature gave us a special eye color that it was supposed to match our features. Well… once we started the “beauty era” and our attention was all focused on “what to do in order to be prettier?” some smart people invented things that help us transform natural in…unnatural.

Second, there were colored contact lens, meant to offer a special, different color to our eyes. And, of course, medical contact lens, that really help patients with sight problems.

And now, here they are: the circle contact lenses. Are they hot, or not?

Well, if I were to judge by the looks, this invention really gives you some special look. In fact, what are circle eye lenses?

They are contact lenses that make your eyes look bigger. According to “they have the color covering a majority of the contact, causing the color to go beyond the iris and manipulating the ratio between the iris and the eye, thus, the appearance of a larger iris. It comes in a variety of colors, and effects. The diameter of the lens is on average 14 mm (more than 2 mm longer than the average iris diameter). The lenses themselves range from natural-looking colors to special effects.”

They became so popular once Lady Gaga wore a pair of circle lenses in her video “Bad Romance”, and in 2009 they were really used by the Eastern Asian people. But, now, the problem is that specialists consider them dangerous for eye health. In fact, the law says that no eye contact lens can be bought without prescription (at least in the US), but, the internet offer is… wide… world wide. The lenses are illegal, but prices are as low as $20 on the Internet. When buying contraband from different countries, doctors remind consumers to question whether the lenses are being produced in suitable environments.

Eye care specialists on tv programs by US channels have warned that wearing illegally imported lenses – can cause infections leading to blindness, corneal ulcers and abrasion, or vision impairment.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, non-prescription decorative contact lenses called “circle lenses” “are an emerging and potentially dangerous trend among teenagers and young adults.”These unusually large contact lenses are pigmented, sometimes adorned with decorative patterns, which give the wearer a doll-eyed appearance with larger irises (the colored part of the eyes). The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that all contact lenses should be properly fitted by a professional in order to reduce pain, infection and potential eye damage. Furthermore, circle lenses are usually made with little or no regulation.

Our recommendation: use makeup! Eye make-up can really do miracles. Don’t rush into buying expensive circle lenses when you can buy a harmless make-up kit with less then 10$. And here is a short video that proves that make-up is one easy and safe way to create the illusion of big, big eyes:

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  1. =) says:

    Just so you know, many Asian people were using the circle contact lenses way before Lady Gaga’s video. The trend existed in Asia for several years now. Furthermore, Lady Gaga wasn’t wearing circle lenses in the video as you have stated; her eyes were digitally enhanced.

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