5 Insanely Cute Accessories You Need in 2019

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the most infectiously adorable accessories that have made it to the 2019 trend radar.
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Accessories are an essential seal to give our ensembles a charming and feminine appearance. Women simply cannot do without the added glamour and charm of romantic and playful trinkets that tone down the rigidity of boring workwear ensembles and seemingly masculine pantsuits. 

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the most infectiously adorable accessories that have made it to the 2019 trend radar. 

Tassels & Fringes

The raging trend of tassels and fringes appears to be a never-ending affair of bohemian extravagance, and the trend radar for 2019 has proclaimed it to be one of the most infectiously adorable accessory statements for the year. Honestly, what’s not to love about the flirtatious playfulness of fringes and the romantic bohemian charm of tassels? The best part is undoubtedly the abundance we get to shop because this season, tassels and fringes are being added to every accessory imaginable to womankind-be it a trendy handbag, a pair of knee-high boots, statement earrings or stacked up bracelets. 

Boho Headbands

Delicate Boho headbands and romantically feminine crown-like ornaments are a timeless classic that always manage to retain their bohemian charm against the volatile forecasts of the trend radar. 2019 is expected to be a spectacular year to flaunt the flirtatious playfulness of Boho headbands, and bohemian fashionistas get to enjoy an exciting range of variety. Come to think of it, Boho headbands and floral pieces are always a woman’s best pick to add a romantic vibe to their everyday looks and give their festive statements the perfect seal of a goddess’s etherealness. 

Larger-Than-Life Statement Earrings

Ladies, statement earrings have gotten larger and larger this season, and for 2019, you need to stock up an elaborate assortment of neck-grazing and shoulder-length statement earrings. It’s the perfect time to invest in sparkly and overstated chandelier earrings to blind the onlookers with your bold sparkle. And be sure to scoop up some semi-precious gemstones and metallic delights as they too are all the rage on the accessory radar. 

Leather-Cased Journals

Here’s another timeless trinket that you will cherish as the perfect companion to seal all your thoughts and apprehensions on a cold and lonely winter night. We all need a journal to pen down our most personal experiences, and when you have a journal that features an exquisite leather bound cover, you have an accessory that will add charm to your ensemble and personality. It will also serve as the most charming travel companion on your journeys through the wilderness and luxury hotels. 

Belt Bags

As long as you don’t make the terrible faux pas of referring to them as fanny packs, belt bags are an accessory trend that you simply cannot go wrong with. In 2019, the belt bag has undergone an exciting makeover, and from Burberry and Chloe to Louis Vuitton and many more, powerhouse luxury designers have showcased an exciting range of variety. These super-functional belt bags are a classy hands-free accessory and a definite must-have for the year ahead. 

Remember ladies, 2019 is all about putting a bold pop of glamour while staying true to the timeless classics and charming vintage trinkets. Happy shopping!

Vivianne Sterling

Editorial Manager at Beautips. I love street style and I'm always in search of bits of inspiration around me. I also believe in home-made solutions for fitness, beauty tricks and healthy cooking.

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