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5 Tips for Feeling Sexy

It usually happens to be shy in the bedroom? Not an isolated case! Solutions to feel sexy are easier to apply than you think. Here are five tips to help you feel more confident!

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3 Must-Have Shoes in 2010

If you’re a true fashionista, you should know that footwear is very important for any outfit! So, look what shoes should not miss from your wardrobe!


The Little Black Dress – LBD

Christian Dior said: “You can wear black in any moment of the day, no matter your age. You can wear black with almost any occasion. A little black dress is essential for every woman”.


Jimmy Choo (by Tamara Mellon)

Jimmy Choo extends his audience that now is mostly formed form rich Hollywood stars. How? From November 2009, Jimmy Choo can be found in H&M stores because he created an accessible line for all of us!

Dress Code for 5 Daily Situations 3

Dress Code for 5 Daily Situations

Today it is vital to know how to dress, adapting to each situation.We offer some tips to know how to dress in the most likely 5 situations in your everyday life.

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High Heels Torture

High and thin heels are sexy, trendy and offer you a great look, but you must know, besides discomfort, which you certainly feel at each step, walking on heels has other disadvantages too.