Dress Code for 5 Daily Situations

Today it is vital to know how to dress, adapting to each situation.We offer some tips to know how to dress in the most likely 5 situations in your everyday life.
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Today it is vital to know how to dress, adapting to each situation. We all fear not to leave a wrong impression when we adopt a certain style, but in fact, mixing things right it is not as hard as it may seem!
Of course, you need to take into account the personality and your physical condition, not just the environment. However, we offer some tips to know how to dress in the most likely 5 situations in your everyday life.

at a Cocktail Party

The best outfit in such a situation would be a colorful, average-length dress. Add shoes with a medium high heel, and some inspired accessories. Jewels can be extravagant, as long as you do not get too colored. For example, you can choose a big bracelet, but in this case, forget the superb necklace or chandelier type earrings. Remember that attitude is the one that fits you best in every occasion, so smile a lot and be talkative!

Evening Gown

For a special occasion dresses are recommended long, usually whole-colored, without being very fussy. If you don’t want to stick with the patterns, choose a medium length dress, with a scarf, some high heels and a matching purse. You have to be careful with your hair, which is more sophisticated and do not exceed with makeup. If dresses don’t flatter your silhouette, go for a pair of flared trousers, with a masculine cut, and a pair of high heels.
Regarding colors choose neutral but intense colors, but stay away from pink, blue or green. These colors remain for the rest of the day!

The Trip by Plane / Train

Although you’re tempted to adopt an easy to wear wardrobe, we recommend that you stay away from track-suit. A casual dress code is more than suitable. And if you can still wear heel shoes with no problems, choose a smart-casual dress code, as in the image, and combine it with a pair of shoes with medium heel. They will always make your leg look longer and sexier. However, if you want to feel completely comfortable, wear a pair of jeans (the ones that always get you out of trouble!) with a funny shirt and a pair of ballerina or snickers. You can’t fail!

First Date

The most appropriate word is “mystery”. Try not to show up half naked, with naked shoulders and a short skirt, but to find a balance between sexy and classy. You can not worry about wearing a pair of jeans that flatter you and a feminine blouse with naked shoulders or empty back. Watch your make-up and hair, don’t try anything too sophisticated because you may scare the poor boy  J
If you want to be provocative, choose a medium length dress, slightly molded on the body, shoes with high heel and a classy bag. However, you go to a first date, not in the club.

Lunch With Fellow Workers

At work everyone knows, we have to wear the office toilet. But if however, your office style would be more casual and not so rigid and gloomy? Why not try a pair of black trousers with a masculine cut, shoes with small heel and a lovely angora sweater?! Or a shirt in the color of apricot and some eccentric jewelry, not big, just unique! You will also illuminate a rough outfit, adding an accessory in a strong color such as a necktie, a scarf, a bracelet, an accessory to catch the hair, which draw attention to the colors from the dull colors you have to wear.
Makeup should be natural, perhaps a fine black liner on top eyelid, hair smartly arranged, preferably in a casual bun or ponytail.

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