Stun Your Wedding Party: 5 Tips to Throw an Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

Keep reading to learn how you can really wow your guests by hosting an unforgettable rehearsal dinner.

The average couple spends upwards of 300 hours planning their wedding. Between venue tours, dress shopping, and food tastings, it can all seem a little overwhelming at times.

Because of this, the rehearsal dinner often gets overlooked. But this is your chance to thank all your loved ones for their help and involvement during the planning process.

Luckily, throwing an amazing rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be so hard.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn how you can really wow your guests by hosting an unforgettable rehearsal dinner.

1. Pick a Theme

The easiest way to create a neat and cohesive event is to pick a theme. Just like with your wedding, the theme you choose should carry through to the rehearsal dinner invitations, location, and decorations.

You could use the same theme as your wedding or go with something totally different. The key is to think about your guest and what they would like. This could be anything from a casual backyard BBQ to a fancy tea time theme.

2. Go With a Unique Venue

Most rehearsal dinners take place at a local restaurant or a smaller room at the wedding venue. But if you want to wow your guests, consider choosing a unique venue, such as a bowling alley, a local park, a botanical garden, an aquarium, a beer garden, or an art museum.

Just make sure that the venue you choose is in a convenient location so your guests don’t have to drive far.

3. Serve the Right Food

The most anticipated part of your rehearsal dinner will be the food. But this doesn’t mean you have to go with a fancy sit-down dinner (although you certainly can if you want!).

You’ll want to choose food that fits with the theme and venue location. For example, you may want to serve BBQ at a casual backyard rehearsal dinner or offer seafood at your aquarium rehearsal dinner.

If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, you could also serve foods that your city is known for. Your guests will get to try something new, and they’ll feel more connected to you.

4. Get People Mingling

The rehearsal dinner is a great chance for the bride and groom’s immediate family to get to know one another. So, consider planning activities that will act as icebreakers and help people mingle.

If you’re having a casual or outdoor rehearsal dinner, you can’t go wrong with lawn games, like cornhole or giant Jenga. For formal events, consider a more structured activity, like bride and groom trivia.

5. Keep Things Casual

You likely just spent the last year planning your wedding to ensure everything goes off perfectly. So, when it comes to your rehearsal dinner, consider keeping things casual and going with the flow.

Instead of making a seating chart, let your guests sit wherever they like. Instead of limiting toasts to only certain people, open the mic up to anyone who wants to say a few words!

Your Rehearsal Dinner Planning Guide

Don’t stress yourself out trying to plan a flawless rehearsal dinner! Instead, follow the guide above to host an amazing rehearsal dinner without spending a ton of time and money.

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