What’s the #1 Mistake a Full-Figured Woman Makes in Sizing a Bra?

A woman with large breasts is often called the ‘blessed one’. Being well-endowed has its own pros and cons. When on one hand a full-figured woman can look totally ravishing in a deep neckline outfit on the other hand picking the correct size of bra can be extremely tedious for her.
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More than wearing the ‘correct style’ of bra it is important to wear the ‘correct size’ of bra.  For petite women or for someone with a regular size of breasts, it’s pretty easy to measure the bra size and to try on a bra that fits them well.

Now, if you’re one of those who still don’t know how to measure the size of your breasts. Here’s a quick 2 mins fit test for you. There two steps to be followed for measuring a bra size- 1) the over bust and 2) the under bust. You can find an Indian bra size chart online and compare your measurements to find your correct size of bra.

Measuring Over Bust Size

To measure the over bust size you need to wrap the measuring tape around your breasts and make note of the measurement.  Now there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while doing this.

  1. The tape should not have any falls or twists.
  2. The tape should neither be too loose nor too tight.
  3. The tape should be parallel to the ground.
  4. You should measure the fullest part of your breasts (across nipples).

Point no 1, 2 & 3 are easy to understand and follow for both small & heavy busted women. But the question remains the same what’s #1 mistake that a full-figure woman makes in sizing a bra? The mistake is often made in point 4.

Measuring the Fullest Part of Your Breasts – Across Nipples

Dear heavy breasted women, we know gravity plays games with you and always pulls your down. Because of which your nipples may not be the heaviest and fullest part of your breasts unlike women with comparatively smaller breast sizes. So measuring the fullest part of your breasts may not literally mean across nipples for you. This however stands true for regular busted women.

Now, the question arises in such cases, how to full-figured women measure themselves. All you need to do is stand in front of a mirror wearing a well-fitted non-padded bra. Look sideways and identify the fullest & highest part of your breasts. In most cases this will be somewhere below the nipples, courtesy gravity. Measure that part and you’ll always find your perfect size bra. Also if you are measuring on your own you need to make sure the measuring tape is straight from the back. Especially for heavy busted women, the tape at the back tends to create a downward arch.

Did you know 80% of women wear the wrong size of bra? Yes, and this is something that needs to be taken seriously ladies. You might not realize that most of your back pain & shoulder aches could be because of your incorrect bra size. Also, wearing the correct bra size helps you in achieving a good posture and makes your body look much better.

Measuring Under Bust Size

To measure the under bust size you need to wrap the measuring tape right under your breasts and make note of the measurement.  This too has certain things that need to be kept in mind.

  1. The tape should not have any falls or twists.
  2. The tape should be snug (neither be too loose nor too tight).
  3. The tape should be parallel to the ground.

Basically you need to follow the same guidelines as the previous step and are you’re good to go. You must be wondering what the mistake is then. Full-figured women often face a common problem of having a very tiny under bust but heavy breasts. This is why they often skip the step 2 and shop bras based on just their over bust measurement.

Let’s look at this problem with an example to understand it better.

Suppose a full-figured woman measured herself correctly and her measurements came out to be.

Over bust: 38 inches

Under bust: 29 inches

The different is pretty huge isn’t it? If she only goes by her over bust size which is also her cup size 38 inches, she is mostly likely to pick a 38B which would be bigger size for her. This is sure to give her fitting issues.

If she goes by both her under bust & over bust measurements is mostly like to fit into a 34DD which is her actual size.

Problems Faced by Heavy Busted Women Because of Wrong Bra Size.

  1. Cup Spillage

On wearing a bra size that has small or tight may result in cup spillage. When the cup is too small to hold in heavy breasts, it will tend to push the breasts tissues out creating a quadraboob.

  1. Under boob

If your breasts tissues are spilling at the bottom, this mean that either the cups are a bit small or the band is too large for your tiny under bust. You need to measure your under band and find a size that hugs your under bust snugly.

  1. Sagging

Sagging is the most common problem that full-figure women complaint about. First, it’s the gravity to be blamed. Second it’s your wrong bra size. It is very likely that your bra band is too loose for you which is why it is not able to provide you with any support at the bottom of the breasts. Because of which your breasts tend to sag even when the cups size fits your breasts perfectly. Another reason could be that you haven’t thought of adjusting your bra straps. They play a major role in lifting your breasts.

Quick Tip for Sizing

One disadvantage that full-figure women face while shopping for plus size bra is not finding bigger cup sizes. In India, it’s a little difficult to find a wide variety of bras for cup sizes below D or E. In such cases, look for a sister size.

So now that you know it all, go ahead shop your heart out! After this you are sure to find bras that never fitted you like this before.

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