How to Take Care of Your Feet After a High Heel Hangover

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High heel hangover indicates the day after the foot pain you get after wearing high heels for the entire day. Wearing high heels just do not hurt your legs, but also it leads to many short terms and long-term effects in women.

Women start to experience pain and pressure on the feet ball; this is because there will be too much of force applied to the bones and joints when you walk on these high heels. The short time effect of this will provide you too much of pain, leaving it without caring will lead to arthritis, bone spurs, etc.

6 Tips on Taking Care of Your Feet After the High Heel Hangover

Follow the below tips to take care of your feet after a tired day walking around with your high heels.

Choosing the Right Pair of Heels

While wearing high heels, your body weight will ultimately reflect on the toes and feet balls; this pressure is the reason for bunions, hammertoes, ingrown nails, etc., these may bring adverse effects as you age. For most of them women, they cannot neglect high heels as they love to wear it, in this case, you need to be more careful in choosing the type of heels for your feet, and the heels should be foot-friendly.

For better support, stick onto the thicker block heel than going for the stiletto, go with platform or wedge instead of choosing the skinny heel as they help in even distribution of weight on your feet and therefore you can get rid of the long-term effects. Try a kitten heel as the shorter heels will always the best choice.

Feet Massage

Massaging is one of the excellent tips for getting rid of the pain you face after a night of walking in heels, there is a lot of foot massager available, choose the right one so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits of it.

Massages help to get rid of the pain in your feet, applying medium pressure to the heel, toes, and feet-ball will provide a relaxing experience. After using the medium weight, rub your feet bottom with the help of the knuckles to get the instant relief from the foot pain.

Epsom Salts

The mineral magnesium, Epsom salts helps you to get rid of the pains, aches in your ankles and feet within a short period, soak your feet for 10 minutes on the Epsom salt to help your muscles to relax, and also this improves circulation and reduces any swelling in your foot.

Stretch Your Feet

Ankles and feet can be given simple stretches as heels tighten the muscles while wearing them, On both feet provide a ten ankle circle in both directions and then point and flex out your feet for minutes in the position of keeping your legs straight facing you.

Now make use of the palm of your hand, point your toes on one foot and press from the foot top. The stretches will provide then immediate relief from any ankle and feet pain.

Make Use of an Insole

While wearing heels, make sure you have premium and high-quality pair of silicone or removable gel insoles as they provide the support to your ball of the toes and feet, this would be the best choice while wearing any high heel and especially when you are in a stiletto.

Lie Down Facing Your Legs Upon the Wall

Wearing heels will cause your blood to flow to the lower body portion, so lie down facing your legs up on the wall for 15 to 20 minutes, and therefore the blood will get distributed evenly, and thus you can wear the heel the next day without any pain on your feet.

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