10 Jewellery Style Tips You Need to Know

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Jewellery alone can make a huge impact on your final look. Be it your wedding day or your engagement day, all your special occasions are incomplete without a classic piece of jewellery. When choosing a jewellery piece on your big day, make sure you choose the right one as it talks a lot about your style and class.

A single cocktail ring or a chunky chain link necklace can alone make you look like an eternal diva. It’s all about learning to know your style and keeping yourself upgraded with ongoing trends. So let’s just discuss the tips and tricks that can help you in deciding how, where, and what to wear for your special appearance.

Create Layers With Rings, Necklaces or Bangles

Just like layers in clothing, layers work for you in jewellery too. Recently, stacking or layering rings are gaining popularity. These rings are also a great pick for weddings, engagements and anniversaries. Necklaces are another suitable option for following this trend. You can choose minimalist necklaces of different lengths and layer them up together. A cute statement pendant is all you need to complete your look.
Layering up bangles or bangle bracelets with your casual look adds oomph to your appearance.

Know When to Stop

When choosing accessories for your big day, you may get overwhelmed with the best of the jewellery around you. The shine and design attract a lot and most people make the mistake of overdoing it. Avoid loading your every body part with unnecessary pieces of jewellery. Rather, choose one statement jewellery and another more subtle jewellery along with it (if required). For instance, if you want to attract attention to your neckline then avoid adding bangles, or big earrings and vice versa. Too much of it can ruin your appearance. Always make sure you dress up according to the event.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Earrings

Have you pierced your ears multiple times? You can make a lot of changes to your everyday appearance by just changing your earrings. A sterling silver stud or a small diamond stud are ideal options for your day-to-day looks. Along with these, you can add variety to your looks by choosing different types of earrings every time you step out. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose earrings according to your face type. These little details alone can elevate your style.

Don’t Be a Fashion Obsessed

Following the trend is a good habit, but getting obsessed with it can cost you a lot in terms of your true style. Fashion trends change every three months, thus finding your style may get a bit tricky in this situation. Try to stick with what you think suits your choices the most. Your choices may get outdated according to the latest trends but the ongoing trend will anyway get outdated in the next few months. So, it’s better to ignore the trends that don’t compliment your looks. Make your collection a timeless and classic one instead.

Avoid Wearing Jewelleries of the Same Color

If you want to look presentable, you must learn to dress up in contrasting shades. Avoid wearing jewellery in similar colours. Moreover, you must avoid matching your jewellery colour with your outfit. Rather, wear pop colours, different metals and gemstones to grab attention to your appearance. The same colours are not gonna make any difference to your looks, they are just going to make you look bulky and monochrome.

Choose Jewellery According to the Occasion

Dressing up according to the occasion is a necessary rule. There is no other rule to follow when it comes to looking fashionable and experimenting. But wearing heavy traditional jewellery to a business meeting is not a favourable choice. Right? So, keep the occasion in mind whenever you choose an outfit and jewellery along with it. For beach parties and house parties, statement jewellery is enough to talk about your style, while during weddings and other family events you can add up some more jewellery items.

Experiment With Metal Mixing

Wearing all gold or all platinum is a very old school idea now. You can mix metals for more trendy looks instead. Moreover, there are several jewellery items available with dual-tone metal options. You can play a lot with stacking jewellery for instance.

Decide the Focal Point of Your Look

Whenever you are invited to an event, look at the invites and decide how you wanna dress up for this particular event. The first step is to choose your outfit and the next one is to choose your strong asset. You can choose between your face, neckline, waist etc. Now pick a jewellery piece that elevates this particular body part chosen by you.

Choose Jewellery According to Your Makeup

Makeup and hairdos play a vital role in completing your look. So for obvious reasons, all your accessories, outfit, hair and makeup need to be in streamline. You can’t compromise with any one of them. Your final look needs to be perfect and for that, you need to choose your jewellery accordingly. For instance, neutral makeup never looks good with shiny and chunky jewellery. Similarly, your dramatic makeup needs some heavy lustrous jewellery to compliment it.

The Most Important Rule: Break the Rules

Last but the most important thing is to stay genuine. Never compromise your comfort and confidence. Always choose clothes and jewellery that connect with your style. It’s better to be a trendsetter than to be a trend follower. Believe in your choices and stay different from other people. Don’t lose your essence while following other people.

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